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underlying causes depression

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Psychiatrist Reveals 5 Underlying Causes Of Depression Most People Are Not Aware Of

underlying causes depression

Psychiatrist Reveals 5 Underlying Causes Of Depression Most People Are Not Aware Of

You must agree with me that depression is gradually taking life away from people in this end time as it is the leading cause of suicide in the past 5  years.

After watching Mocheddah post-suicide attempt interview, I did a bit of research on this condition and here are my discoveries.

The medical director of Annapolis Integrative Medicine Dr Weiss, who has treated so many depression sufferers in the past 15 years of his career revealed these top 5 underlying causes of depression.

According to Dr Weiss, here are the 5 leading causes of depression that many people around the world are not aware of.

Sleep Disorders

We’ve always known that depression causes interruptions in sleep, and that a lack of sleep makes persons more susceptible to mood disorders. But studies now show that sleep problems can cause mood disorders and that sleep deprivation can rewire the brain’s emotional circuits.

Low vitamin D and B-12

These are the two most common nutrient deficiencies for my patients who have depression symptoms. Both vitamin D and B-12 are essential for positive mood.


This is a disorder of the endocrine system in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone.

Since most psychiatrists and primary-care physicians don’t run a full thyroid panel, I see a number of patients who have undiagnosed hypothyroidism, an underactive thyroid, which causes symptoms of fatigue, apathy, and depression.

Leaky gut

Leaky gut is clinically known as increased intestinal permeability or hyperpermeability, a condition in which food is allowed to pass through the small intestinal lining. Substances leak into the bloodstream that shouldn’t be there, causing bloating, gas, and sometimes mood disturbances.

Bad diet

I don’t think people truly understand the impact of what they eat on their mood. Processed foods, hydrogenated oils, sugar, and lots of bread and cracker-like snacks can certainly contribute to symptoms of depression and anxiety. For optimal mental health, I advise my patients to eat a clean, Paleo (also called primal or ancestral) diet: eating whole or nutrient-dense foods, and avoiding refined sugar, gluten, pasteurized dairy products, and processed factory foods like Fritos and Oreos.

I also recommend taking fish oil supplements, vitamins B-12 and D, a multi-vitamin, and a multi-mineral.

My advice is to clean up your diet, exercise on a regular basis, optimize your hormones (for example, get a full thyroid panel done to be sure your thyroid isn’t under active), clean up any integrity issues you may have in your life. If the depression continues, you may need to change something else in your life.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Fatimah

    November 27, 2018 at 10:12 PM

    I don’t take vitamin D and B-12, I will introduce it into my daily diet. Thanks dr weiss

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