Unemployed Graduate Commits Suicide In Osogbo

Muili Awolumate man commits suicide in osogboSuicide scene

May 21, 2012 – Man, 27 Commits Suicide In Osogbo, Osun State

Muili Awolumate, 27 is a National Diploma graduate from Osun State Polytechnic in Iree.

Muili hanged himself at the scene shown above in Ifon area of Osun state.

According to a report we obtained from Punch Newspaper, his corpse was found hanging on a tree with a  belt believed to be his.

A knife and a wire were discovered from the tragedy scene.

The Likely Cause Of Muili Awolumate’s Suicide

The Head, Disaster Management, Nigeria Security Civil  Defence Corps, Mr. Olaniyi Babalola, said the remains of Awolumate had  been buried on Saturday in line with Islamic rites.

Investigation showed that the deceased, who graduated  three years ago, was unemployed at the time of his death.

This is sad!

9 thoughts on “Unemployed Graduate Commits Suicide In Osogbo

  1. The guy should have not given up like.its a stupid thing 2 do.when there is life there is hope.now that he commite sucide what did he gain peace.their so many graduate struggling 2 make it.dis is a case govt must look into unemployment among youth.what is the essence of education.when we can’t make use it 4 our own means of lively hood.

  2. Oh may God.my fellow youth dnt think u can’t make it u can commiting sucide is not the solution

  3. May his soul rest in peace,but this goes to other youth ;do not wait untill Goverment gives u job….this LIFE is a TEACHER!

  4. Well, the situation of this suicidal is getting out of hand the only solution to this is simply by accepting Jesus Christ as ur Lord n personal Saviour, b-cos He will surely give u hope and also be more ready to pass through fire, because before a gold can be called a gold it has first pass through fire’ so i urge us in the of Christ to be more patient and hopeful unto Him for He will supply our needs according to his reaches in glory by Christ Jesus. The bitter truth is that anyone that commit suicide is a sin unto him and such person has brought shame to the name of Christ by crucify Him the second time: then what is the extent of Jesus being hanged on the tree for? Please take heed don’t fret urself bcos of no job now jst hold unto Jesus surely i know he will not forsake his people for His great name sake

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