UNILAG Female Student Dies At Moremi Hall After Returning From Night Club With Strange Man


unilag female student dies moremi hall

March 27, 2017 – UNILAG Female Student Dies At Moremi Hall After Returning From Night Club With Strange Man

Tragedy has stuck at the Moremi Hall of the University of Lagos after a Chemistry Education student, identified simply as Tope, slumped and died at the institution’s medical centre.

Sources in UNILAG said the student, who was squatting in the hostel, died shortly after returning from an outing with a man.

They added that Tope could have been saved if she was promptly attended to at the centre.

One of them said,

“Tope was squatting here. She went to a club and returned around midnight on Thursday. It was not long afterwards that she started gasping. We rushed her to the UNILAG Medical Centre, but they blamed the student who allowed her to squat in her room. Tope eventually died, while the other student is being threatened with eviction.’’

However, the management of the university said no student died at the centre. A statement from the school’s Deputy Registrar, Information Unit, Mr. Toyin Adebule, said Tope died before she was brought to the centre.

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7 thoughts on “UNILAG Female Student Dies At Moremi Hall After Returning From Night Club With Strange Man

  1. Our university system is backward..rayher than save a life.they started playing the blame game.also gals wud never learn.
    Go to school
    Aft that begin hustle legit
    No they prefer fast cash..easy money..its a shame that she died in sin and a mysterious way..afonja and rituals be like 5 and 6. Rituals can never make u richer that bill gates .not even close to half of the money.
    Rituals wud only give you 20m -100m.
    Thats all money rituals got to offer wi5h many evil spirits.risturbance..health issues.bizness collapsing and shit

  2. Womens can not posibul to fall in love on top of mens. Is only wowo womens is fall in love on top of mens. But fine womens is only fall in love on top of money. So bicos of therefore, mens are use them to do juju. Mens are do am bicos they no love the womens but are having money and womens are loving the money wey the mens are having. So is a chain reaction are hapun. But on the go. Is either they are both or neither. Womens are only both. Nonsens.

  3. Haba kunle, the fact that Tope went to a club with a man does not mean they got intimate. That she started gasping for air might be as a result of heart attack and blood not flowing to the brain or an existing ailment. The university clinic is to be blamed for Tope’s death. Whether she is squatting with a friend at the hostel or not, the fact is that she is a student of that institution and should have been attended to. What is the incident had happened in the day during class, would they have refused her treatment? the clinic staff are grossly negligent and the parents of Tope should sue them. The clinic staff caused her death. May her soul rest in peace,

  4. All this young gals will never learn. All b’cos they want to look trendy and having the latest smart phones and tabs. may her soul rest in peace sha

  5. It’s all medicine after death. The doctors and nurses’ first priority is to save lives, not ask questions as to where the patient was coming from (except for medical reasons, to know whether she had been drinking alcohol etc)or why was she a squatter? – irrelevant. We have wasted too many lives in Nigeria due to unnecessary protocol and incompetence. Suing the Clinic serves no purpose, even if they went to a big government hospital, like LUTH, they will first be asking for payment while the patient is dying. I am sick to the stomach of that country, and glad I left. Youth will always display youthful exuberance. As a student of UNILAG between 1982-86, what else did we do on weekends than partying and going to clubs? Thank God Nigeria wasn’t like it is now, ritual killings and kidnapping were seldom heard of. We now live in dangerous times, so our youth must be extremely careful and not throw caution to the wind. God console her family, amen.

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