UNILAG Postgraduate Students Drowned While Taking Selfie At Elegushi Beach – Eyewitnesses

unilag postgraduate student drowns selfie elegushi beach

June 9, 2016 – Covenant University Graduate & UNILAG Postgraduate Students Drowned While Taking Selfie At Elegushi Beach – Eyewitnesses

New facts have emerged from the Elegushi Beach, where two postgraduate students of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Funmi Odusina (24) and Shola Ogunmefun (27), got drowned on Sunday during a friend’s birthday party. Funmi and Shola went for one of their friends’ birthday party.

The friend, identified as Bolu, was still in hospital at press time. The guests were said to be between 15 and 17; a mixture of males and females. They all sat at Atlantic white bar, located on the beach, when the two ladies decided to take ‘selfie’ (pictures) at the shores of the beach. The girls were said to be backing the volatile Atlantic Ocean and maintained a considerable distance from the danger area where a red flag, signifying danger, is hoisted.

covenant university graduate drowns selfie elegushi beach

Unexpectedly, the tide came up and swept two of them while they were still clutching each other and smiling. A witness, who swam to rescue them, said they thought nothing had happened until another dangerous tide rose simultaneously and dragged the victims inside the ocean.

A waiter in one of the bars,who gave his name as Mr. Tunde, said he was the first to notice the girls were in distress. He ran towards the ocean with a horse rider identified as Segun and another man called Davido. They all wanted to rescue the girls. Tunde said: “It was unfortunate. There are no lifeguards stationed at the beach, no lifejackets and no floaters too.”

[Daily Telegraph]

11 thoughts on “UNILAG Postgraduate Students Drowned While Taking Selfie At Elegushi Beach – Eyewitnesses

  1. You see why girls are dumb,stupid and useless,imagine a post graduate taking ugly selfies,witj no life jacket,no rescue team nothing.im sure they wud av been on loud music,if not why go towards danger when others were seated inay safe place.
    Trace dia lives,e no pass ugly oloshos,what goes around comes around.
    The celebrant who is abt maybe 20yrs lives on,while the older ones way supposed get sense,ended up dead.

    They’ve been waterfied.
    Water from Atlantic is deadly, many go but never returned.

  2. Carelessness that made a BIRTHday party became a DEATHday mourning.

    Two beautiful ladies (graduates) just died like that. Girls that were supposed to be some peoples future wives, e.g Metu*winks.

    Make I run o before somebody attack.

  3. RIP is what I have to say to them. Girls loves taking selfie anywhere they found themselves. Its a pity that carelessness have just cut their lives so short.

  4. My people, u just read that human beings died in such a tragic manner & all we have is indictment & self righteousness!!! Wow!!, just pray u people never encounter any form of misfortune in ur lives!!! Who among each of us would claim had never experienced an unfortunate occurrence, ever? Who would say they had never ever made a ‘NOT SO WISE’decision in their lives, ever? Who, who, I mean who among us all,ehn? GOD HELP US ALL & GIVES US FEELING HEARTS & LESS JUDGEMENTAL OF OTHERS.

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