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US-Based Church Of Satan Attacks Buhari For Calling Killings Of 15 Christians & 2 Catholic Priests Satanic

church of satan attack buhari

President Buhari has been called out by Satanists for describing the senseless killings of 15 Christians and 2 Catholic Priests in Benue state as a satanic act.

The Church of Satan accused Buhari of furthering “superstitious nonsense”.

Many Nigerians also lambast Buhari shortly after the Church of Satan issue this statement on Twitter

“President Buhari is ignorant. Infighting between two different Abrahamic religions is just that, theists killing theists.

It has nothing to do with us or Satanism a life-cherishing atheistic religion. Shame on the media for furthering this superstitious nonsense.”

Since everything evil is attributed to Satan and his cohorts on earth, Buhari should not be blamed.

This is not the first time someone will blame Satan for an evil occurrence. It seems The Church of Satan is seeking relevance in order to woo more souls just like Sat Guru did two days ago. #yeye church

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