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Emmanuel Ikubese: Why I Can Never Date Or Marry An Older Woman

emmanuel ikubese date marry older woman

Nigerian model and actor in a recent chat with the Entertainer revealed why he can’t date an older woman and his relationship with his female fans.

What’s the secret, how have you been able to maintain the perfect shape and look of a lady’s man?

It’s been crazy and intense because a lot of times I find myself on set for months, shooting in funny places where there is no equipment for me to observe my daily exercise. If I find time in the morning, I go for a jog and sometimes I shoot till 2-3am but if I finish on time, say 8/9pm, I find myself jogging, doing pushups. It’s not easy but I try.

Tell us why you cannot date or marry an older woman?

I respect people’s choice and opinion. I don’t think love is about age, as long as two people understand themselves, love each other and willing to be together; age shouldn’t be an obstacle. Once there’s love, respect and communication, then they are good to go. But personally, I don’t think I can do it. Maybe someone that I am older than with 2-3 years, that’s the much I can do. I’m not against those that marry younger lover; that’s women or men that date older women. It’s all about choice after all.

Have you ever received nude pictures from a fan, especially, the female ones?

No! I’ve not received such. I don’t think any female fan in her right senses would want to send me a nude picture. I know they do send though, but not to people like me. My image is not that corrupt for someone to try such. The craziest they go is slide to my DMs to tell me how much they love me, how they desire to kiss me and make love to me, but not sending nude pictures.

To what extent do you go with your female fans?

To me, I always see them as friends and people who admire what I do and I reciprocate by just saying ‘hi, thank you’ and that’s it. It’s not like all the ladies who say, ‘hi’ to me want to get down; they’re just admirers of my work or fans.

To young people out there, who are looking forward to be successful in their careers, what do you have to say to them?

To the young people out there, I would say believe in whatever you want and go for it; it might take a while but be patient. But remember, put God first. I believe I am where I am today by God’s grace so be patient, pray, set your mind to it and it will happen. Never give up, never give up, and never give up!

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1 Comment

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