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omoyele sowore arrested

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Video Footage Of Omoyele Sowore Arrest By DSS In Lagos Hotel… See Injustice In Action

omoyele sowore arrest video

Video Footage Of Omoyele Sowore Arrest By DSS In Lagos Hotel… See Injustice In Action

See the moment Omoyele Sowore was arrested by some DSS operatives in Lagos hotel on Saturday.

The footage you are about to watch was captured by the hotel’s CCTV camera.

Here are some comments displeased Nigerians and their friends placed on the video.

Alexander Evengronen
Why he does not have his bodyguards? , I think this intelligent young man knew this we happen, he set a trap to these dummies and they stupidly fall into his trap, we are watching from the Western world

The young man in white should be rewarded for his braveness, I just can’t stand the country anymore

Gibson TV
The young man in stripped white should be commended for his bravery… it’s a pity justice is been trampled upon in NIGERIA

Ayo Adelana
DSS you are bursted.This is an evidence.You can’t lie.All of you forgot that Sowore is a journalist and he equips himself with gadgets anywhere he goes.I weep for Nigeria.Anyone any Nigerian that talks against this guy is doomed.Literally, Sowore is not a hungry man.He has a good job and his family is doing fine.He puts his life online for a better Nigeria and some people are still tongue waging him rather than join hands to fight the evil that has enslaved the country since independence.I pray for his safety and soon release from the hands of blood sucking government.

Big Kb
A Nigerian citizen advocating for sweeping social changes and reforms was abducted like a criminal in the middle of the Night, while armed ak 47 wielding herdsmen, maim and kill at will, as the police looks and cheers on. Nigeria is done!.

Africhoice TV
What a country that is being run as a family business. Please guys share this video until it goes viral! ? Nigeria must be exposed! #FreeSowore #Revolutionnow!

Sho bell
Wow, what was all the guns for? Someone that wasn’t threatenning violence, I remember clearly reading that the protest will be till they hear us. Meaning no plan to assert violence, it’s a protest to be heard. I weep for Nigeria

samed olukoya
The receptionist needs to sue the DSS for traumatising him, treating him as an accomplice and forcing him against his will with guns. This is very good evidence!.

Apostle Joel Oladeji
Be strong Omoyele … when we are fighting a good fight the host of heaven that we didn’t see they are more than our enemies…. God is with you wherever you are and you shall be out soonest

If this couldn’t stop kanu and Sowore they can’t stop us now. They don’t have enough handcuffs for all of us. We most conquer are fears now and join the peaceful revolution now

I can’t just understand this country. They have all this guns, and boko haram still operating.
Very unless government

God is great Always
DSS and the culprit are finished. Gone are those days of no CCTV. Technology has taken over. You guys are mezzing about with incomparable man, well intelligent and full of wisdom.

Mercy Effiong
Foolish DSS. You people have they intelligence report to know they hotel Sowore lodge but you don’t have they intelligence report to know were Leah Shiebu is being kept. God will judge Buhari and his family members.

Nigerians are not ready let their suffering continue, they are tribalising the so called protest. But seriously sowore saw this coming he planted cameras everywhere and the foolish DSS fell into the trap. Nigerians pls save this video on your phones incase YouTube takes it down cos even they can be compromised . #freesowore

Chijioke Ani
I’m not surprised!
This is where the strength and intelligence of the DSS and the Nigerian government stop! Arresting armless and nonviolent leaders of the citizenry!

Summer Springs
Look at the way he was arrested like a common criminal while herdsmen have been on rampage for years and not a single one of them has been arrested. We are solidly behind Sowore, you are the Nelson Mandela of our time

japhet iikegbunam
Please Nigerian lawyers this is a good job and also an opportunity for you the lawyers to tell Nigerians that nobody ,groups or organisation / institution is above the law of the nation .I want you lawyers to sue DSS for kidnapping an innocent citizen .

Tolulope Durojaiye
This is exactly how armed robbers operate. I remember when they came to our house when I was in Port Harcourt. The military are used to exaggerate insecurity in Nigeria. I have seen the military shooting and killing all innocent people (about 70 people who were doing their normal businesses in the streets of Jos were killed in 2 minutes for no reason before my eyes).Nigeria will never know peace until we stop these recycled leaders( old foolish & useless military head of States disguised in democracy) who have nothing to offer Nigeria but evil!
I wonder when children of 1960 will be leaders of tomorrow in Nigeria. I have seen these evil soilders burning houses/churches with a view from calabar street kaduna in a story building on the 3rd floor when I was just 5 years old. Actually Revolution is the only thing that can save/deliver Nigeria from the mess otherwise, the general masses will remain in bondage or keep suffering in Nigeria until they die / except the return of Jesus interrupts

Pediusky Bander
As long as Nigerians tribalise issues affecting the whole nation, then we shld just give up and continue our suffering under this colonisation. As long as the ibos and the yorubas are still at loggerheads, unable to move on from the past then we wld continue the suffering in Nigeria.

Emmanuel Okeke
When Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was incarcerated and many Biafrans killed by the Nigerian government, many non Biafrans refused to speak up.
Later Mr. Kanu came out and warned the Nigerians, that if you refused to speak up against the killing, abduction and intimidation of the innocent unarmed Biafrans, the table may turn against you one day. And that the Tyrant in the name of Muhammadu Buhari will come after you one day, then you will understand why you should not support the evil regime and their criminal acts against the People they were voted in to protect.



  1. truthful man

    August 8, 2019 at 7:32 PM

    may God punish Buhari and all his advisers so Nigerian police could do this to a protester? why can they not act like this to arrest the leaders of bokoharam ? leaders of Fulani herdsmen ? and other terrorist group?

  2. Mon

    August 9, 2019 at 6:49 AM

    Nigeria is already at war, but some people are yet to realize that, Fulanis are taking over everywhere, they have militarized every part of that contraption, the indigenous people need to wake up, let no one deceive you that Nigeria is a democratic country.

    And to my Southwest people, Tinubu has sold you people to Fulanis for exchange of becoming a president, unfortunately, they will not allow him to, it happened to Abiola. They will free Sowore because he prepared for all these happening.
    One Nigeria is a crime.

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