Video: Ghanaian Pastor Daniel Obinim Kicking Pregnant Woman’s Belly During Deliverance


daniel obinim

Dec 7, 2014 – Video: Ghanaian Pastor Daniel Obinim Kicking, Stepping On Pregnant Woman’s Stomach During Deliverance To Cast Out Demons, Evil Spirits

Ghanaian Pastor Daniel Obinim who was recently arrested and charged for sleeping with a pastor’s wife and using offensive weapons on his church members is back in the news.
daniel obinim arrested

The founder of Int’l God’s Way Church in Ghana in a recent telecast was spotted kicking a Pregnant woman on the belly while speaking in tongues and trying to cast out the demons afflicting the woman.

This was done without putting the health of the unborn baby into consideration.

Though many described him as false prophet, miracle seekers are stilling flocking to his church.

Watch this latest video clip showing Daniel kicking a pregnant church member on the belly.

pastor kicking pregnant woman belly pastor kicking pregnant woman stomach

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