Video: Pastor Adeboye Endorses Prof Osinbajo Infront Of Jonathan, Wife Says There Is A Shifting

pastor adeboye endorses osinbajo

Jan 29, 2015 – Video: Pastor Adeboye Endorses Prof Osinbajo Infront Of Jonathan, His Wife Says There Is A Shifting

Pastor E.A Adeboye has endorsed RCCG Pastor Osinbajo in front of a large audience with Jonathan in attendance. This video was taken at Redeemed Christian Church Of God, Olive Tree Branch last year during a special Sunday service.

At the event, Daddy GO as he is fondly called openly showered praises on Professor Osinbajo and urged people to rally around him.

President Goodluck Jonathan was spotted sitting comfortably  in the front row of the church headed by Pastor Osinbajo, listening attentively as the Redeemed Christian Church Of God General Overseer and his wife openly endorsed Osinbajo.

In the viral video, Pastor Adeboye said:

“You know usually with your friends, you take them for granted. You want to rush to where there might be trouble spots. But when you know that there’s no problem here, you tend to forget. But once in a while, you need to know that your friend needs fellowship.
Some of you might be thinking, maybe he didn’t come because he doesn’t like the new man. I didn’t come because I trust him, because he’s a wonderful child of God. Very wonderful child of God. Absolutely reliable. He’s one of the few Christians, one of the few sons I have that if you give him an assignment, you can go to sleep. By the time you wake up, it will be done.”

Pastor Mrs Adeboye also said she saw a shifting.

In her words:

I just want to say two things and I will go and sit down.
I don’t know the kind of prayer Pastor Osinbajo has prayed but that prayer I think he should continue because when the president was talking something to my mind and said there is a shifting.
That is what the Holy Spirit told me. We could have been at Ebute metta or somewhere else today why here and the president in Lagos also and as a result am asking that all of you should expand your capacity today God is going to do a new thing in us
For all of us including me, expand your capacity because there are so many manifestations that will come after this.

Watch the video below:

What a coincidence!

Note: this endorsement may be not be related to the upcoming election.

14 thoughts on “Video: Pastor Adeboye Endorses Prof Osinbajo Infront Of Jonathan, Wife Says There Is A Shifting

  1. I guess we should listen very careful when people are talking . Just watched the video and nothing like endorsement in the video. No different between GEJ and Buhari. Let us pray from Nigeria for a good leader . God bless us all

  2. I hope Mr president was not here because power was taken from him immediately the Holy Spirit said there is change of power.

  3. The word of GOD say’s”Again,you have heard that it has been said by them of old time,you shall not prejure yourself, but shall perform unto the Lord your Oaths.”
    Am not here to support or against anybody but i stand for the truth.
    Let them alone: they are blind leaders of the blind, And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch, many prayer ground(mosques and churches) has turned to their meet ground,where are we going?, why do we allow the use and drop politicians turn you as a ministers of GOD to their instrument of rally, all because of money?, no wonder they dont have respect for the Lord in you.

  4. Why did they cut off while the wife of the GO was prophesying on that the president will record greatest miracle in this season. Let us avoid cut and join mischief. Issues about God and politics should never ever be twisted by man. It is a great harm to fall out with God bcos a politics of convenience, tribe and familiarity instead of objectivity, reason and divine order.

  5. The word came out through the holy anointed of God and it came to pass.I respect God o.Thank God for d shifting.we pray 4wisdom fro Buhari&Osinbajo to lead us right.

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