Wanted UNIPORT Ritual Killer Suspect Ifeanyi Dike Rearrested In Plateau State Days After Escape

wanted ritual killer arrested plateau

September 9 2017 – Runaway UNIPORT Ritual Killer Suspect Arrested In Plateau State Days After He Fled From Police Custody

A suspected ritualist recently declared wanted by Rivers state police has been arrested by the Plateau State Police command.

Ifeanyi Dike, 23-year-old undergraduate of the University of Port Harcourt, killed 8-year-old Victory Chikamso Mezu and removed her body parts for ritual.

He escaped from the custody of the State CID in Port Harcourt  with the help of one Sergeant Johnbosco Okorinize after being paraded at the Police Headquarters.

He is now back in custody with maximum security.

3 thoughts on “Wanted UNIPORT Ritual Killer Suspect Ifeanyi Dike Rearrested In Plateau State Days After Escape

  1. Endemic corruption in all levels of government. It is a total shame that our security agencies that should be seen upholding and enforcing the law in the country are the main law breakers that are aiding criminals in achieving there evil agenda. That sergeant who assisted the criminal undergraduate UNIPORT student to abscond should be arrested as well and be meant to face the full force of the law. His collusion with the suspect to escape from the custody of the state CID in port harcourt shows he has been in the game of covering cases related to suspected ritualist for a very long time. He should be brought out and be stripped off his unentitled rank and be shamed in the public. He’s evil himself.

  2. All these boys that just want to get rich without working, keep decieving yourselves. He wan de drive hummer for university. I sure say na microscope dem go take see him GP for school. Just wasted an innocent child’s life for his madness. May God help this generation

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