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What To Do When Love Knocks You Down

what to do when love knocks you down

By Isioma

You know the saying, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Well, what if the beholder is completely blind? You might be seeing something beautiful, while everyone else sees a disaster. Are you looking through the lens of blind love?

Everybody thinks that love is a precious thing that enriches the world, which could be true, but there are different ways to love and when we do it blindly, there are consequences.

This result has been arrived at through scientific study.

To love means to have someone on your mind throughout the day . You feel worry, stress, longing and hope. Sometimes, all at once.

However, if love and passion are one and the same, following your heart may very well mean losing your mind. People who love so passionately have emotions that run both hot and cold. It is true, that, there is a line to be drawn between love and passion, but most of us don’t see the difference. How can you have one without the other? Together, love and passion rule our lives. You can find both in music, in art, in technology, in fashion and in food.

When you are in love, you start living for another person who means the world to you. You put his or her interests and prioritize this person before all else. This mentality, this new way of life, changes you. Love doesn’t end with finding that something or someone, that is when your journey begins.

Everything that follows, all the work you put in , all the focus and energy, all the tears that you will inevitably shed, will make you the person you are meant to become. I have severally seen cases where love can make you act like a robot. You become clueless. You might even become a “beck and call” individual all because one has falling for that special person. Not a bad thing. It just becomes criminally wrong when you begin to act out of the ordinary. You place a call every three minutes. You cannot function well except you hear from your love interest. You smile when they smile. You annoyingly ‘ vex’ when they are’ vexing’ When you are on the phone with them, everything else goes into oblivion.

You threaten suicide when they so much as hint a separation. You are easily devastated when there is a red alert. You are going to be alone with your thoughts most of the time. Those thoughts are what will both lift you and throw you into the mud.

I once had a male colleague that not only washes his woman’s undergarments ( which could be nice sha) but after washing and spreading it to dry, he begins to sniff them. ( whatever that means). You can then begin to imagine what happened to him when she eventually dumped him for a richer man, who married her as his fifth wife. Sad. He spent months in the hospital trying to figure out what he did wrong. As I write this piece, he is yet to handle a stable relationship because he is trying to find his ex in every woman that comes his way.

A cousin’s wife, of blessed memory, lamented to me her dilemma.

She had three wonderful daughters for him. She was responsible for raising the girls to university level. Single-handedly built their first home and finally, on retirement she gave all her entitlement to my cousin. Who does that! My cousin, thereafter married a younger, second wife in search of a male child.

He threw her sacrificial love for him right through the window. Today, she is dead, leaving behind three very successful graduates, who have sworn never to love stupidly and never to forgive their dad. Today, my cousin’s second wife has given to him a second daughter. Still waiting for the male child abi? Right!

If you really put your heart into the cause, understand that it can break. You are going to make mistakes. You are going to mess things up. You are going to forget things and lose track of time. You will feel that you did everything right but failed anyway. Love sometimes hurt. You can put your soul , blood and sweat into making things right and you can be devastated when they don’t come together. Looking at the brighter side, it can also make you stronger. Stronger for the next time you push with everything you have got. You may fail again but success will happen as long as you persist. Out of all the confusion that comes from losing your mind, you emerge from the process a better individual. You come out, God willing, of that dark tunnel, wiser , smarter and even more passionate than before.

This journey, I assure you, will be lonesome. Don’t expect much support. Some might even ridicule you, thinking you were simply stupid to have fallen so hard. Friends and families could be there, but not always, and ultimately, you will have to make yourself fine again. Happy loving, just don’t lose it.

Keri Hilson Sings;

Not again

Oh, this ain’t supposed to happen to me.

Keep rocking and keep knocking.

Whether you louboutin it up or Reebokin

You see the hate that they serving on a platter

So, what we gonna have, dessert or disaster?

I never thought I’d be in love like this

When I look at you my mind goes on a trip

Then you came and knocked me on my face. Feels like I’m in a race but I’ve already won first place

I never thought I’d fall for you as hard as I did

You got me thinking bout our life , a house and kids, yeah

Every morning I look at you and smile

Cause boy, you came around and you knocked me down, knocked me down

Sometimes love comes around and knocks you down

Just get back up when it knocks you down.

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