Why Biodun Okeowo’s Ex-Husband Divorced Her, Kunle Adegbite’s Connection


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March 28, 2014 –Why Biodun Okeowo’s Ex-Husband Divorced Her, Kunle Adegbite’s Connection

Popular Nollywood Yoruba actress Biodun Okeowo and actor Kunle Adegbite who played love roles in a movie few years back have become best friends.

Nollywood insiders alleged that Biodun’s secret romance with Kunle was the reason for her marriage failure.

Her former husband sent her out of their matrimonial home about 5 years ago and since then, she has kept quiet on what crashed her marriage.

Some fans and colleagues are not even aware that Biodun was previously married.

According to the information at our disposal, ever since Biodun was sent away by her then hubby, she has moved into a very small apartment in Ojodu Berger Area of Lagos State, living there together with her mother and her son, Deolu who was 13 years old in December last year.

When the story of her affair with Kunle almost crashed her career, she hurriedly released a statement as a cover up.

The statement reads:

“I am not having an affair Kunle Adegbite, but the truth is that he is a great friend and a brother. I will not deny the fact that we are quite close but nothing too special and whatever anybody says or does will not stop me from being his close friend. He is special”

Unknown to many that special man is her secret lover.

Biodun & Kunle

Why Biodun Okeowo’s husband dumped her

The actress was allegedly sent packing by her ex-husband after he suspected her of warming the beds of some men. We learnt she was allegedly caught by her ex husband on several occasions and when the man wasn’t feeling comfortable with her love for ‘joysticks’, he had no choice than to send her out their matrimonial home.