Widower Vs Widow:”Governor Oshiomhole’s Go & Die Comment Is Cruel” – Celebs

governor oshiomhole widow comment

Nov 29, 2013 – Widower Vs Widow: Governor Adams Oshiomhole Of Edo State Under Fire

“Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s Go & Die Comment Is Cruel” – Celebs

Days after a cruel statement made by Edo State Governor Adams in Benin city to a crying widow, notable figures from all over the country have started blaming him.

In a video currently going viral on the net, the governor was spotted venting angrily on a poor widow who broke environmental sanitation law by hawking illegally on the street.

Instead of him to allow law enforcement officials to carry out their duties, Governor Adams took it upon himself to unleash anger on the woman by saying “You are a widow, go and die.

Hear what Bianca Johnson and Femi Fani Kayode said about the case:

“Such heartlessness – Oshiomhole tells this penniless widow that is begging him to “go and die”. What is it that makes some men behave in such a cruel way to others once they get power? I am utterly speechless” – Femi Fani Kayode

“I lost every pint of respect for Gov Oshiomhole after watching this video. Please inbox if you have any information about this lady. I need to know her. Thanx!
For those in Nigeria, please help me find this woman. She is a widow and must not die. She will live to declare the goodness of God in her life and that of her children. Gov Oshiomhole words will return void.

Remember the story of the woman with the issue of blood, God exonerated her and she became part of biblical history” – said Bianka Johnson


There is no amount of apology that can take away this stigma from the popular Governor of Edo State.

30 thoughts on “Widower Vs Widow:”Governor Oshiomhole’s Go & Die Comment Is Cruel” – Celebs

  1. i realy feel sad. Its hard to believe dat governor can said such a word to a widow, a citizen, a mother. Its nt gud . He is not showing good example to others. I think his adviser should advice him on how to talk in the public. God loves widow so i wil advice the woman to forgv cos heaven is nt happy wit d governor. One day that widow child wil become a governor, no one kns tomorow

  2. i think the governor shud be move frm or transfer frm governor to enviromental sanitation officer. I really feel pain. If i were president i wud hav reduce adam rank to sanitation officer then apoint that widow as the new governor of edo

  3. I lost respect for this man the moment i watch this video,has he forget his past so soon,anyway he has just lost his next election…arrogant man.

  4. Nothing wrong with what he said becayse he warned them b/4 and even threatening to jail anyone who sells on the road, then the woman break the law and she even deserve to be jail, especially ring road, new benin, Oba market, they have turned the road to something else, Anyway’s he have apologise to her, so forgive him woman, and Oshio go and sin no more

  5. his time will soon be over and another will take over so if he think or feels he owns 2day he should also remember he’s not the owner of 2morow so this world is not in his pocket atlist he as a governor suppose to be nice people so that people will always respect and lead him with prayers,i can’t pass any judgement on him bcos is only God that has the right to judge and him alone knows what that poor woman went through at that time she was crying.

  6. Dis has since brought me emotional lacerations & thrown me in2d sombrous st8 of pisma disma catalepsy. I’m itching so bad 2 hear wat our ubiquito-conundrumo Pat Obahiagbon would say about dis machiavelian sibindary of wordz.


  8. Lol…You guys should leave Osho alone,u need not to blame him too much,as him be dey pepper am.He’s the junior brother 2 Ape,whenever he look at his self in the mirror he wil do unimaginable things.worlds Ugliest Osho,I’ve never seen such brutality all my life.

  9. See what you have cause to yourself because of your position which you have forgotten that the masses are the one that put you there. Believe me, this is the final Full Stop to your political carrier.

  10. Omg ! What came over him , i don’t think he’s capable of saying such( go and die ) to a widow , he use to be a very good man when , he was in labour congress as ( oga kpata ) #250, 000 is to small to beg the woman, #500, 000 will be appreciated .

  11. Na so our gov. Dey abuse everybody. Today na poor widow. Small time na police own he go start with. Next na Old man Anneni from Esan land he go dey abuse. Una never know this governor. Na hin way be dat

  12. Bezo u animal that always look for attention won’t u shut ur dirty mouth fool, and for osho the bottle has been broken n damages r made I pray that d woman ll 4gv u lol power my ass

  13. Thank God dia was a gud coverage of dis incident, he shld hav denied it. Dat’s d type of tyrant governors we hav in APC, starting frm Lagos, Edo, etc, soo autocratic. Thank God dey didnt impose it on Anambra pple cos dia candidate dia wil be worst in being heartless n autocratic… I pray dat God wil wipe away dis poor widow’s tears soonest…

  14. I pity Adams O. since he feels he can use those words on his flocks, may he remember his past when he was embattling d PDP government, d same widow and other good pple of Edo helped him 2 b in power. But God’s mercy is infinite 4 He will 4give if he pleads 4 His mercy, but if he is stuborn d widow’s husband(GOD GOD ALMIGHTY) will speak 4 her the he will learn 2 respect God his creator

  15. let look into the issue like this, we look at it as if is very bad is not that bad is a divine lifting for the widow.As we look things is not as god look it,GOD said our thought is not his thought,our ways are is ways. may be that is how god want to remember the widow.governor eshio’s comment was bad.but God has reason for that.

  16. I wonder why people just make comments without weighing both sides of the story. I live in Benin and I know what hawkers and street sellers have turned the place into despite efforts to sanitize the markets and streets. Do you know how frustrating it is when you are trying to do something good and people continue to sabotage your efforts? The Governor has his blame for speaking cruel words to a fellow human being, especially considering his position in the state. The woman also has her blame for breaking laws, whether she is a widow or not. Come to think of it, if a car or those reckless Benin drivers run her and her goods over in that place where she is selling, who would she blame? All I can say here is people should always mind the things they say no matter how angry they are and citizens should always try to be law abiding.

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