Will Adiks Is Dead: Nigerian Gospel Singer Assassinated In Port Harcourt Rivers State

will adiks dead

December 23, 2016 – GodsWill Adiks Is Dead: Port Harcourt-Based Nigerian Gospel Singer Murdered By Hired Killers In Port Harcourt Rivers State After Christmas Carol Concert

A fast-rising Rivers State-based Christian musician, Godswill Adiks aka Will Adiks has died.

The deceased who last ministered at a Christmas Carol concert in Benin last weekend was returning to his base in Port Harcourt on Wednesday the 21st of December 2016 when some suspected hired killers ambushed him and shot him at close range on getting to Port Harcourt.

His two guitarists escaped unhurt while Adiks who sustained gunshot wounds was rushed to UNIPORT Teaching Hospital where he gave up the ghost last night.

Though the motive for the murder is unknown, the Homicide unit of Rivers State Police command is currently investigating.

The budding gospel star with an angelic voice has touched a lot of lives in his short time on earth.

Condolences messages have started pouring in on his Facebook page.

Here are some of them…

See more photos of late Will Adiks below

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

36 thoughts on “Will Adiks Is Dead: Nigerian Gospel Singer Assassinated In Port Harcourt Rivers State

  1. Will adiks, so it is true, I was hoping it was just a bad dream, when I heard the news yesterday, I was devastated, I was and will always be one of your greatest fans, we weren’t close, but I watched you from afar, as you were rising as a shinning star, listen to your songs almost every day, seeing the way your songs touches lives, carrying the awesome presence of God, oh death! Oh what a wicked world! But I know one thing for sure, whosoever has a hand in your death, shall receive their judgment both from God and man, they and their generations unborn will never never know peace. Rest on star, rest on Godwill

  2. Sad. We Christians will always face challenges because the enemies know now that we know their evil acts as such praying againts them. May his soul rest in peace. I would have died on that day as well but thank god I am alive today.

  3. so its tru is a moment of both sorrow and joy but adiks ur exit is so soon bt its also a godswill rest in peace leave vengeance 2 God


  5. Tears roll down from my eyes when i got the news that you were no more, though not quite long i know you but it pains my heart. Rip God will surely avenge

  6. Tears roll down from my eyes when i got the news that you were no more, though not quite long i know you but it pains my heart. Rip God will surely avenge

  7. wow! how could this be? what a talented youthful soul burning 4 GOD. nothing goes 4 nothing. there’s a always a day of recompense, the evil doers can never go unpunished. Holy Spirit, pls protect us IJCN. Amen

  8. it’s such a sad thing my heart Cry’s betterly,I a shork a great loss to the family and to the gospel band musicians,your music is one in a million(mercy)my best track,am only encouraged by ecclesiastic which says in everything there is a season time to be born and time to die,why would god allow this death?I cry bitterly any time I listen to his music we miss you brother and we loves you but god loves you most rest well brother till we meet again

  9. May ur soul rest in peace hope to meet u in heaven some day. I was touched by ur song show us mercy now d very first day I heard it.

  10. Deeply pained by this loss as I listened to your music “Ike nile di na ka gi” in this season of Easter. It’s clear indication of God’s purpose for you. Rest in His bossom!

  11. This is so sad that even up till now non of our nigeria gospel singer has even made a tribute to this great man! Will listening to ur songs alone made me to turn my ways.. u are forever remembered.. dear gospel artist in nigeria pls show ur last respect to a brother

  12. Your song was a prayer itself.
    Your voice was a consolation itself.
    I fell in love with you song ‘Mercy’.
    So sad that the first thing I knew about was your death.
    Rest in peace sir!
    God bless rest your soul and bless your memory! Amen.

  13. May the soul of Godswill Adiks and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in perfect peace, Amen.

  14. am all tears right now,very uncontrollable.Am listening to your song titled ‘show us mercy now’ and i decided to search for the owner of the song that has so blessed my spirit,soul and body this morning only to found out you are dead.why did i ever searched?my heart is pierced by this finding.May Heaven accept your soul in Jesus name,Amen.RIP

  15. Ahh! I was searching to know more about this great up rising star but only to discovered that he his no more. I love willsAdiks songs with all passion. Rest in peace the great Mind. Your legacies lingers on. Good men can die but death can never kill their name. Wills Adiks lives on while the souls of Your killers is died forever.

    Dan Aigbe(aka INVENTOR-DaN)

  16. Got to know abt his death last week. Last year wen I was down wt medical condition ur song yanabo was my everyday food and I got my healing only for to introduce ur song to a frd who is down to and he said u r dead. I feel pain each time I think abt it. Who ever has a hand in ur death shall never go unpunished. Rip

  17. Heaven has gained an angel.so painful,l was looking forward to watching you live in concert and also to listen to more new songs. you will never be forgotten for indeed you are a true worshipper.there is no song of yours dat is not fantastic.l play your songs everyday.w e have truly lost a remarkable soul who knew how to make the angels bow in worship.we miss you so.

  18. Just searched for you last night on Internet when I was listening to your song “Show Us Mercy” but It unfortunately I found out u re no More… RIP

  19. It hurts me so much to know that you are no more.. I still can’t believe that you have been gone for so long with out me knowing, Join the angels in heaven to continue singing praises just like you have done while on earth. Rest in Peace till we meet to part no more

  20. It hurt me so much that I come to know you when you are no more.
    Continue resting in the bosom of the almighty till we meet to part no more

  21. Hahahahahaha funny people. …. hahahahaha…. let me ask you, if you actually killed him, how come am still playing his CRY FOR MERCY? You didn’t kill him bro.

  22. So So Sad to find Out Your Mortal Body was Killed…… Fortunately They can’t Kill Your Works…….. Souls will be Won by Your works Brother….. Your Stars Multiply even in Death…… Sleep On In the Blossom of God……
    We shall only be Remembered by What We Have Done……..

  23. learnt your song ‘mercy’ few years ago and it brought hope that indeed yesterday can never be again. They might have killed you yes BUT they couldn’t stop your voice from preaching salvation and hope.
    you were and still are the HERO
    you brought many souls to CHRIST and you still are through your songs.

    am contented to have come across your music and i count myself blessed among the blessed souls.
    may you continue to rest in peace. God bless your music WILL

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