Woman Arrested For Beating Her Husband To Death In Harare, Zimbabwe

woman beats husband to death zimbabwe

Jan 9, 2013 – Woman Arrested For Beating Her Husband To Death In Harare,  Zimbabwe

In Harare, Zimbabwe, a 24-year-old wife named Talent Makonde is now in court facing murder charges. She was alleged to have sent her husband (names witheld) to the great beyond after the two of them had a domestic fight (sounds like a wild one to me o).

The woman has been charged to court with Shelton Bhiya, 25, who had joined the scuffle while trying to stop the fight (Omo, na to dey careful when stopping fight now o!). The accused was said to have met her late hubby at the Reuben Shopping Center in Epworth and the two of them left for home together. On the way home, an argument ensued and in the process, Talent was said to have started assaulting her husband.

Bhiya, who was passing by, tried to stop the fight. The court learnt that police officers arrived the scene and arrested the husband who was later detained. He collapsed by the next morning at the police station before he could give any statement. He was rushed to the Parirenyatwa Hospital where he gave up the ghost.

Autopsy examination later revealed that he had died from a haemorrhage in the brain suffered during the beating from his wife. Both suspects have been remanded in custody till the 21st of January, and have been told to apply to the High Court should they need a bail considering the gravity of their offence.

[Source: My Zimbabwe]

17 thoughts on “Woman Arrested For Beating Her Husband To Death In Harare, Zimbabwe

  1. This woman sure has the talent to kill. A word of advise to all men. If you see any women who easily picks up a knife and slices the neck of a chicken just know that at anytime your neck could be chopped off.

    I have a certain brother whose girl friend went crazy when she realized that their pet monkey ate up her food. She wasted no time in catching the money, put the monkey in a bag and used a giant stick to murder the monkey. I looked at my brother and I asked him, are you sure you still intend marrying this girl, he replied YOU JUST CAN’T UNDERSTAND LOVE. I said ok.

    Now they are married and there no day that goes by without them fighting and inflicting injury upon themselves. The last flight, she used fork and knife to slice his body and I keep praying that their extreme displays does not result to death at the end. I guess his beginning to understand that love is not just good sex.

  2. Men need 2 be careful on d choice of wife or else it will end up like joyce story,but men sometimes don,t value wat dey ve until dey lose it.A word is enough 4 d wise!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thats vry sad story’wen eva u c a lady wit some sharp words or comand knws dat she wl b vry dangerous’bt nowadays wman pretdnt to b gud nd honest to u.bt once u put dem 4 house der bcm fire on u’i advise u men to pray vry harder b4 luking 4 a wife’once u c a bird flying 4rm one place to anoda u dnt knw whr it cming 4rm nd u dnt knw whr is going to’dats hw some wman is’i am a young girl’i knw hw my characta is dan d oda wman’pls men b careful

  4. Pls we men should be careful when choosing a wife nowadays,let it not based on mere admiration to a lady. Because from all the tragic things that are happening in the world now I certainly believe that is the signs of the END TIME. I also find out that most of the girls I saw passing on the road everyday are witchcrafts,occultic agents and marine spirits. So men be warned!

  5. hmm! Wot a gr8t talent! God iz good .God dat jst luk ad gave dat woman flightin gift! He iz wondaful.men plz b careful oooooo! Nw we are woman of unataker.stonecode!etc

  6. I cant believe people are rooting for a MURDERER here. Egg on the wife who killed her husband but if it were the other way around, this topic would surely be different. My uncle is a sheriffs deputy and I cant even recount all the times hes told me hes been called to domestic violence situations involving females assaulting or harrasing males.

  7. it sUm tym happen but dix 1 iS nt 2ru. d police kill d man, d police didn’t find d man died in d course of arrest but thereafter 4rm police custody 2 d hospital ,let d court ask d police

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