Woman Gang Raped In Abeokuta; 4 Rapists Arrested For Murder

woman gang raped abeokuta

Feb 8, 2014 – Mother Of Five Gang Raped In Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria; 4 Rapists Arrested For Murder

Yesterday, 4 young boys allegedly stormed the house of a popular pap seller in Oniyanrin area of Abeokuta, the capital city of Ogun state.

During the attack, the 50-year-old mother of 5 was gang raped and murdered.

A witness who spoke to journalists said the rapists entered the woman’s house through the window.

Area residents said the 50-year-old woman from Benin popularly called Mama Friday lived alone in the boys quarters of the main building as her hubby, a bricklayer worked in the town of Ifo.

A source, who preferred his name not to be disclosed, narrated that the gang having gained access into the apartment, engaged the victim in a marathon sex, and after satisfying their sexual urge reportedly slaughtered her and fled the scene.

Meanwhile the victim’s neighbours were said to be unaware of what was happening happening until until the woman’s lifeless body was found on the bed, with bloodstain and pants at the edge of the bed the following morning.

As we speaks, the 4 suspects who allegedly raped her have been arrested by Ogun Police Command as investigation continues.

13 thoughts on “Woman Gang Raped In Abeokuta; 4 Rapists Arrested For Murder

  1. Before u raise any accusing finger, do you know the kind of lifestyle the pap seller is living. The report said her husband doesn’t live with her
    May be she is one of those sugar mummies who just entered wrong hands

    • Nonsense talk, so if a woman lives alone she may be a sugar mummy abi? and that makes it right for anyone to rape and murder her? u re nothing but a sexist misogynist.

    • How could U Said Such a Thing ? Infact u nid To Be Get Arrested For Dis ur Statement…cuz ur Hand is nt Clean u bitch.

      • Ade u amaze me. u obviously do not recognise sarcasm. maybe you should go around with a dictionary so u can check meaning of words u do not understand. as of the dirty hands? I am an adult. That means I am responsible for my actions. and its none of ur business how “clean my hands are or otherwise”.

        someone was brutally murdered. some persons blames the victim. I point out that the person is saying nonsense and u talk of my hands being dirty. in which rational mind are these 3 premises in the same book?

  2. Which forest did u migrate from @ bezo….dnt worry very soon ur mother will be **** to ***** by her enemies or ur sister by guys who hav bn toasting her or even ur wife by her admirers

  3. bezo or whatever u call yourself, read your comments all over and then you would realize how stupid and heartless you are. I have never bothered commenting on any post but can’t help myself concerning yours. How on earth can you you be so cold blooded and in humane. If even she was a prostitute, does that give them the right to treat a fellow human being that way? Are you telling me you are a righteous person yourself? If you have got nothing to write then just shut up……….

  4. #bezo 4 once I agree with u, we must explore d circumstances dat lead to diz woman’s rape n death, am nt accusing d woman of anytin bt 4 4 guys to rape a 50 yr old woman, questions must be asked #joyce am with u on dat 1, hw can a woman be raped n d neighbours didn’t hear anytin, de should also be questioned …4 d guys, jail awaits u, R.I.P mama

  5. If Nigeria were technologically advanced…the sperm samples could be collected through a cotton swab from her vagina and traced to the culprits…but alas,it is not.

  6. This crime was probably committed by someone she knew . That was why she didn’t raise alarm . May her soul rest in peace .

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