Wounded Boko Haram Members Arrested In Lake Chad; Terrorists Confess, Plead 4 Mercy

wounded boko haram members

March 11, 2014 – Hungry, Wounded Boko Haram Terrorists Captured In Lake Chad; Terrorists Confess, Plead 4 Mercy

Over 12 powerless Boko Haram militants have been captured in Lake Chad.

According to the Defence Hqtrs, scores of severely injured terrorists who escaped from various camps during military raids have been captured.

Today in Abuja, Major General Chris Olukolade said the arrested terrorists are currently making useful statement to interrogators.

He further said some of them were captured by soldiers in Alargarmo, Dikwa, Kukawa and Cross Kauwa.

In his own words:

“In their confessions, it was revealed that some of the camps have been disbanded following the directive of their clerics who declared that the operation of the sect had come to an end as the mission could no longer be sustained. The terrorists who are giving useful information as to the locations of their remnant forces, are full of apologies and pleas for their lives to be spared promising to cooperate.
“They confirmed that starvation was a major problem in addition to ceaseless bombardments on the camp locations even when they kept relocating. They also confirm that several members of the group have been wounded and no treatment was forth coming. Troops have continued their assault on other locations across the states covered by the state of emergency.”

Members of the public have started rushing there to sight see the wounded terrorists.

Major Olukolade advised people to desist from doing so for their own safety.

16 thoughts on “Wounded Boko Haram Members Arrested In Lake Chad; Terrorists Confess, Plead 4 Mercy

  1. What goes around comes around,u all took ur time to kill innocent student in dere hostel while they sleep.am sure some if not all pleaded for dere life,still what happen?u demon pocessed bastard kill every one of them..now u beg for urs.ur all luck am not the chief of amry staff,u will imagine what I would have done to u bastard.

  2. hmmmm i just sit and relax while taking bottle of wine when i had this news am so so happy about this..how i wish am the jtf leader ..this guy will even beg for death i mean the boko but they will not see. i will show them hell on earth..before they die..naija we are blessed .

  3. Thank GOD.
    May the Lord power with supernature grace be with you(jtf), Major chris olukolade, may you overcome all your problems in jesus name(AMEN).
    * 08038433483 #

  4. On this day the 13th of March 2014,I will praise and bless the name of God more than ever and ask his forgiveness for the hate in me.

    DID I SEE APOLOGIES,In Rihanna voice: don’t tell us you are sorry cause you are not,you are only sorry you got caught. VULTURES,CURSED DOGS AND LIVING VAMPIRES,I wish you will all be nailed upside on a cross and wash your sore eyes and wound with hot boiling kaikai/rum and salt.where the fuck is your god and why did he or she allowed you to be caught .Bloody fool asking for forgiveness,search and check out the pics of your victims and tell me if you don’t deserves to be fed to hungry dogs,Am sure lots of innocent people you terminated their appointment here in this earth begged for your mercy and you still went ahead to kill them.Good job boys,you all need to be promoted.fish out all those black heart vultures.

  5. thank God for their efforts so far but Nigerians need more result and pls major general chris thanks for the good work bt can u make ur plans a bit secret to the medeia so that this boko guys wunt knw ur nxt move,thanks and God bless u, ur men and all Nigerians wwho ar puttin their effort to see we stop all dis madness.

  6. i have never doughted the jtf before!! may GOD c u guys thru in dis strugle!!!! long live nigerian armed forces!!!

  7. Lol. Wht fuck ar dey pleadn 4? Dos bastard hv no idea of d life dey hv takeN n dey pains dey hv caust pple. I wil sugest dey Shld kill dem slowly by cuttin each part of der body bit by bit till dey die. Dey ar devil in human form. God go purnish even una death body ameN.

  8. may the victorious God make u victor till the end of this war. but i guess be more secretive with ur tactics. the lord is your strength

  9. Those hungry people whom call their self bokoharam killed them all, eventually let d law enforcement agencies investigate nd find out their sponsoredship bicos i believed those hungry people they dont have money to buy AK47 bicos is 500,000

  10. Yeees!!! Dis is d type of news i hv been anticipating in a long yll nw. Good job dia our able JTF. 12 cot n still counting……..
    Mercy is d last tin they deserve. Wait a min, c who is askn 4 mercy! Coursed set of demons!
    Terminating innocent lives wt painful agonous death who did u no wrong. In d hopeless hope of 7 virgins reward in ur illusion heaven built by ur sponsors. Nw u r cot n is pay bk tym u r askn 4 mercy?

    If i hv my way, wat i will do 2 these imported vampires, even d devil himself will b shocked. Mercy my ass! D innocent school children dat deserved mercy were nt gvn. Bt u slaughtered dem in d middle of d 9th n wached dem die in d pool of dia blood w/t gvn dem a chance 2 even plead 4 mercy 4 no crime commited. And U r here askn 4 d impossible.

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