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Writing Articles For Money In Nigeria: Websites & Blogs That Pay Nigerian Writers In Naira [2018 Guide]

writing articles for money in nigeria

Websites & Blogs That Pay Nigerian Writers In Naira: Writing Articles For Money In Nigeria [2018 Guide]

Searching for a list of legitimate freelance writing platforms that pay writers straight to their bank accounts bi-weekly, weekly, and monthly in naira? Then, you’re on the right page.

Many potential writers have sent applications to several websites and blogs to write for them, yet; without receiving replies for days, weeks, and even months. Some of those site owners wouldn’t read your emails let alone replying you which could be so frustrating and discouraging.

In this post, you’ll get a good number of websites and blogs that will provide you with jobs always and ensure that you get paid in naira directly to your Nigerian bank account whenever you want to get paid.

From my personal research, there are so many websites and blogs that offer freelance writing services in Nigeria, but less than 20% of these platforms are really paying writers to write articles.

In order to prevent as many Nigerian writers as possible from wasting a lot of time sending emails and writing for those that will never pay, I’ve compiled a list of platforms that pay on time to your Nigerian bank account in naira.

Some of these platforms are even ready to bend their payment rules for you in case you might need to receive payments bi-weekly or anytime you’re in need of money.

Websites that Pay Nigerian Writers

Here are the recommended websites and blogs that pay Nigerian writers in Naira:

6. is the leading freelancing platform in Nigeria that pays Nigerian writers in naira straight to their bank accounts bi-weekly (On request), weekly, monthly, or whenever a writer wants to get paid to satisfy a pressing need.

To be eligible for the writing job, you must submit a 600-word article in any topic of your choice using correct English grammar and making sure to proofread every line of texts before submitting for staff review.

On this platform, you’re required to work with dedication and be a contributor to both the platform and top clients.

The minimum payout on the platform is N5000 which is paid every Friday except you have cogent reasons to request a payout that is not less than N2500 anytime.

Recently, it was advertised on this blog that about 1000 writers are still needed more to be added to the freelancing team that has been working amazingly so far.

I’ve been working for this team for some time now and I receive my pay every week without any issue. Of all the websites and blogs that pay writers to write articles in Nigeria, is still the very platform with the largest number of dedicated writers.

This is one of the top Nigerian information blogs set up deliberately to publish daily digests for Nigerians. Currently, they’re hiring Nigerian writers and they pay N500 per article.

Jobs are always sent to the writers and a writer can easily earn up to N5000 every week just for writing 10 articles. Writers can earn more than N5000 a week depending on how much time they are willing to dedicate to the work.

This platform has its rules and regulations for the new users who are just applying to become writers and also for the returning writers.

To be eligible for the writing job at, you must submit a sample post of 500-600 words long. Your sample post will reflect your passion for the writing job you’re applying for and this will determine whether you’re going to be hired or not.

As you progress with the platform, you can receive up to N5,000 depending on the quality of any project assigned to you. Sometimes, you may receive some special projects which pay more than others.

This is a Nigerian blog whereby online writing jobs are posted regularly for Nigerian writers. There is a golden opportunity for any Nigerian writer who knows how to write content, blog posts, or list posts. The platform pays between N500-N1000 for every article submitted.

If you’re passionate about freelancing from the comfort of your home and you wish to monetize that passion of yours, you’re needed much on this platform and are expected to write detailed content about what you naturally love.

It’s much required to do proper research into every topic assigned to you prior to laying hands on the computer keyboard so that you can come up with good, solid and relevant points. is one of the biggest freelancing blogs in Nigeria with the news section included in its main menu. If you’re passionate about writing interesting news and events that happen in Nigeria, you are much welcome and expected to monetize that passion of yours right on this blog and you’ll receive N500 or more for every unique news post you create.

There is no limit on how much you can generate from this platform, but you must keep all of your posts unique and original. is a social networking blog whereby you’ll earn a lot of money creating interesting news and stories about anything that is happening in the villages, towns, cities, and states of Nigeria. It provides freelancing opportunities to Nigerian writers and there is no limit to how many posts you can create so far you’re ready to contribute positively and genuinely.

The owners of this blog have truly shown that there is a possibility for everyone to launch a multi-million dollar brand online working daily based on passion. is one of the few Nigerian blogs that genuinely pay writers to write articles, news, reports, and entertainment content. Depending on the quality and length of your content, you can earn N1000 or more directly into your Nigerian bank account just for posting a unique article. This means you’ll earn N50,000 or more for posting 50 articles/reports in a month. If the word-length of each of the articles you write is just 1000+ words, you’ll earn N500 per article. is a big online platform whereby the potential writers in Nigeria earn extra income doing what they love doing at the comfort of their homes.

On this platform, you’ll find a list of the Nigerian magazines that pay writers genuinely. So, if you’re passionate about writing for magazines in Nigeria, you’re on the right page.

You’ll receive your payments weekly or monthly into your bank account depending on your preference.

The owners of this website pay writers to post informative, unique, and plagiarism-free articles and they’re willing to hire as many dedicated writers in Nigeria as possible. If you’re still out there looking for white collar jobs, why not apply as a writer and start doing what you love doing. is known as the sister site of It offers the same writing services as and pays writers N500 per article. The payout is N5000 and disbursement is made to all bank accounts submitted on Fridays once the minimum payout has been reached successfully.

It has the news section where writers are required to write a minimum of 500 words per news post. Writers who have the passion for writing reports, stories, and entertainment articles can earn a lot of money weekly working for this platform. is one of the most reliable freelancing platforms in Nigeria that pay writers in naira for writing articles genuinely.

If you know of any good Nigerian Websites That Pays Writers in Naira, feel free to submit them in the comment section below.

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      Yes thanks for the observation. We control all these websites for legitimate ways to help Nigerian youths make more money.
      We wish the Federal Government can invest in opportunities of this nature to tackle unemployment.
      That is our own way of helping the youths tackle unemployment. It is fulfilling to help our youths while rewarding them for their passion.


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