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Get Paid In Naira To Bank Account Freelance Article Writing Jobs In Nigeria

get paid naira freelance articles writing jobs nigeria

Get Paid to Write in Nigeria: How to Get Paid in Naira for Writing Articles

How To Make Money & Get Paid In Naira For Writing Articles

When it comes to finding freelance writing opportunities in Nigeria, the industry has already created more job openings for the Nigerian writers. Though you’ll see many writing sites advertised on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other major search engines, only a few of them are paying writers genuinely without defaulting.

While looking for which writing platform to write for, try reading down the page on any writing platform to hear what people have been saying so far in their respective comments. The comments which other users have passed across will help you make a decision as to whether you should work for a particular writing platform or not.

Freelance writing has been the only choice so far for the newbie and veteran struggling entrepreneurs who still need to spend a lot of money on their own websites and make their personal blogs skyrocket quickly to the first page in Google.

From the past experience had so far, setting up an online business requires some effort, time, and little spending. And coping with that little spending has become so challenging for many potential entrepreneurs in Nigeria without writing for a freelancing site. Most people had given up so quickly when they can’t find the means to raise the funds they needed to build their online business.

This is where freelance writing has come in to help the veteran entrepreneurs earn some extra income while working on their own personal websites/blogs.

Aside from writing for blogs, a newbie internet entrepreneur will easily gain the maximum exposure he would need to successfully build up his personal brand by writing for others.

How to Get Paid in Naira Writing Articles

While launching a personal brand online, you can earn some extra or additional income writing for the Nigerian blogs that pay writers in Naira which will help you cope with the start-up challenges that you may likely face. Some of the common challenges include paying monthly re-subscriptions, reactivating domain registrations, buying hosting packages, promoting the business, and others.

The following are the basic steps to get paid in Naira for writing articles:

  1. Write for blogs/websites that pay per article in Nigeria.
  2. Write for sites that accept guest posts.
  3. Get paid to post comments on blogs and replies to forum posts.
  4. Perform keyword researches for freelance writing platforms using a premium tool.

Write for Blogs/Websites that Pay Per Article in Nigeria

Though not all the freelance writing blogs that are advertised online actually pay writers, you can follow up with certain platforms that hire and pay writers genuinely for writing articles.

In order not to fall a victim, you must do your searches properly finding out through the comments posted by others who had used the websites before. You can also scam-check whichever freelance writing platforms you want to write for even before you start working at all.

The following platforms are highly recommended for all writers:

All the freelance writing platforms listed above pay per article and writers receive payments bi-weekly, weekly, and monthly depending on each writer’s preference.

A common similarity with the above-listed platforms is that they all hire writers almost immediately, increase pay rates based on dedication, and pay writers in Naira whenever they want to receive payments.

Most of the platforms hire writers based on an initial writing assessment and require the best from the writers as a condition for getting get paid to write articles.

The best among them is the second one as shown on the list above which is I’ve always considered this platform the best among others because it has created hundreds of jobs for the Nigerian writers. So, if you’re passionate about writing on any niche you are interested in, there is a job vacancy for you at as there are more articles/jobs than writers.

From experience, most writers love to get paid per article and, thus, would calculate their daily or weekly earnings based on the number of articles they’ve written so far.

To start getting paid as a writer, try out any or more of the writing platforms shortlisted above. You’ll have a wonderful earning experience writing from any one of them.

Write for Blogs/Websites that Accept Guest Posts

While you’ll be writing for some writing platforms that pay per article like and others as shortlisted above, you may also consider writing for one or more of those platforms that accept guest posts on their blogs. Doing this will increase your earning potentials as a Nigerian writer as well as give your own personal website a lot of traffic exposure.

If you wish to start submitting guest posts for websites and blogs, you may contact any of the above-listed blogs to submit a proposal. If you can give enough reasons they must accept your guest posts, then you may be given access once to start writing.

Some blogs and websites may not be paying you directly to submit guest posts, but you’ll get links back to your own blog and gain more traffic to improve your overall search engine ranking. Once you start receiving better rankings, loads of traffic will begin to flood your website and you’ll earn cool and consistent revenue in a lifetime.

Get Paid to Post Comments on Blogs and Replies to Forum Posts

When it comes to getting paid to write for freelance writing sites, posting comments on blog posts and replying to forum posts are more promising.

For instance, on most of the Nigerian freelance writing platforms that offer blog commenting and forum posting opportunities to writers, you can earn between N100-N200 per forum post created and published on their websites/blogs and this can accumulate faster than writing long articles at the rate of N500 per article or sharing monthly revenue with some platforms.

Aside from the earning potentials to derive in posting forum threads and blog comments, the forum software makes the platforms to be more user-friendly than just typing offline or online for article writing platforms.

Forums are communities where people ask and answers questions on just anything they want to learn about. People have much more passion for doing such a job than just staying boring and lonely on other platforms writing articles.

With the forum posting and blog commenting services, a hardworking, serious, and dedicated writer can earn N50,000 or more monthly.

Perform Keyword Researches for Freelance Writing Platforms Using a Premium Tool

Most freelancers understand the efficacy of choosing the low competition keywords for writing the kind of articles that rank fast in search engines and wouldn’t mind paying you extra for helping them do the low competition keyword researches for their team of writers.

If you were trained through an online entrepreneur certification course and you make use of a premium keyword and niche research tool for writing articles, you can leverage this potential to earn some extra income working for the freelance writing platforms.

I personally do not recommend posting on forums, I highly recommend freelancing as an experienced freelancer myself.

My platform of choice is as they have never defaulted on any of my payments.

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1 Comment

  1. Travis

    July 14, 2020 at 6:17 PM

    How should i register pls??
    I can’t wait to earn with my relationship quotes even if am just a secondary school student.

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