Xenophobic Attack On Nigerians Living In South Africa: A Call For Urgent Action,Open Letter To Buhari

xenophobic attack nigerians south africa

April 20, 2015 – Xenophobic Attack On Nigerians Living In South Africa: A Call For Urgent Action, Open Letter To Buhari

I write with pains and eagerness to draw your attention to a matter of urgent International importance, first let me congratulate you on your emergence as President-Elect Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I choose to write you this letter instead of the out-going President not because of special preference but because I know you to be courageous, firm and above all discipline when it comes to international politics.

Sir, Nigeria citizenry across the globe are now subject of ridicules, despised upon with disdain and to make it more painful is the on-going xenophobic attack on Nigerians living in South Africa, in fact this attack is one too many bitter pile to be swallowed from a country which Nigeria defended with her life during the apartheid regime, South Africans can not claimed to be ignorant of this sacred fact, may be it is time to let them know that Nigeria sustains South African economy through the massive patronage the likes of MTN, DSTV, SHOPRITE, STANBIC BANK to mention just a few have enjoyed over the years. Sir, I am tempted to mobilise youths in order to embark on Orubebe mission across all South African commercial interests including their Nationals, but such retaliative tendency may be regarded as mere sarbotage and may not attract global attention, whilst such discontentment or warning is required to urgently address the sensitive boiling issues.

Sir, at this juncture, I feel Nigerians are meant to pay this price because our past and present leaders show little or no concern for the plight of its citizenry, and until you addressed this within your 100days in Office you may as well fall into the category of these past leaders, but I strongly believed you may write your name in gold to remedy this, from all indications Black South Africans are cursed and have short memory, and this explains why the White South Africans subjected the Black South Africans to such humiliations without regret, yet they can not challenge the whites instead direct their frustration on innocent Nigerians, am sure Nelson Mandela would be ashamed in the grave of whatever legacies he left behind through this inhumanity to mankind exhibited by South Africans.

Sir, as I write to a close, I urge your government to make bold International statement to countries who treats Nigerians with discontempt, an eye for an eye international policy if need be, as Nigerians can no longer tolerate this.

However, as you embark on this complex journey of managing Nigeria, I pray you remedy the prevailing socio-economic conditions in order to discourage travelling Abroad for whatever means since Nigeria is too rich to accommodate all.

Long live His Excellency! Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Yours Faithfully
Abdul Yahaya O.