President Robert Mugabe Threatens To Behead Gay Citizens, Blames African Countries Tolerating Homosexuality

robert mugabe behead gay people

July 30, 2013 – Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe Threatens To Behead Gay People, Blames African Countries Tolerating Homosexuality

President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has openly revealed his intolerance for homosexuality for the very first time.

In the past, the head of state said tolerance for gay people is ‘filthy’ and very ‘unnatural’.

In a news briefing last Tuesday, fearless Mugabe called homosexuals “worse than pigs, goats and birds“.

He went further with a threat to behead gay citizens who refuse to produce off springs naturally in 5 years.

Check out what Mugabe told NewsDay below;

“If you take men and lock them in a house for five years and tell them to come up with two children and they fail to do that, then we will chop off their heads. This thing (homosexuality) seeks to destroy our lineage by saying John and John should wed, Maria and Maria should wed… Obama says if you want aid, you should accept the homosexuality practice… We will never do that.”

He also went further to blame African countries tolerating Homosexuality due to support they are receiving from foreign countries.

Mugabe claims they have relied on Europeans for financial support and aid.

35 thoughts on “President Robert Mugabe Threatens To Behead Gay Citizens, Blames African Countries Tolerating Homosexuality

  1. Ya man if dey dnt produce offspring within d interval of 5 yrs we wil chop their heads off obama is a fool fo saying nonsence i love u man

  2. It is not possible for two he-goats to produce an off spring, even in 10yrs. It’s even disgusting and irritating seeing the same sex doing what an opposite sex is doing. May God continue to bless u president Robert Mugabe. Let Obama perish with his aid, who cares!

  3. God love you mr President, just this a lone can lead you to Heaven, keep it up say no to gay people God forbid it and every relegion Muslim or chrician does not allow it.—i’m very disappoited with Obama Suportg for Gay People. just for this I love you and President Yaya Jammeh of the Gambia The only Leadres i know that spoke negatively against the action. may you both live long let Obama Keep his aid we do not need it.I rather remain poor than accepting Gay people.

  4. This is a man talking! If it’s some nigerian leaders they will cover up the truth bcos of the little-little benefits they recieve from the western world,the Bible says Homosexuals and other evil doers have their part in Hell,as for obama,i pray he rededicate his life to christ to avoids Gods judgment.

  5. Well done Mugabe, u are on point, crucify dem gays & lesbians. I wish other African Presidents will learn from u. Such evil practices is never part of African culture.

  6. Mugabe u are a true african leader..its a shame for our african leaders tolerating something which is against the order of nature and God..and I was highly disapointed with bishop desmond tutu who wanted us to welcome gay people…his one of the biggest fools has africa seen for with is a man of God..

  7. More grace to your able president Mugabe.Only those who are gays would support homosexuality.If Obama says countries should support homosexuality,what do u think of him(???????).He who says yes to gay is a gay .I wish Obama didn,t have the black skin,cos he is a disgrace to that skin color.Homosexuality has never been part of the black color.

  8. Oh dear! i am not gay and i do not believe gay people should be so demonised. A lot of gay people i know are actually nicer than people who are straight. There are worse people in Nigeria e.g people who kill others for rituals. Do you know how many murders Mugabe has commited in his country? A lot of straight people out there have worse perveted sexual desires and practices. Who are we to really judge anybody. Leave God to judje.

    • Patoye Close dat ur stinking dirty mouth.u are noting but a complete idiot.why ar u supporting Gay and saying leave God to jugde? In esssence u are saying dat armrobbers should nt be put in prison,leave them to move freely dat God wil jugde.listen,if u dont no what to say,close ur gutter mouth!

      • If i may say Patoye the Bible n Alkuran says ‘Ye shall know d truith and it shall set u free’ Sir, why do u associate wt sinners (gay) for that matter. Pls. better say the truth and let d devil be ashamed. Friend gay is hell and internal calamity. President Mugabe welldone Sir.

    • @patonye dis is smethn dts is espctd 2 b legalised ,no one has legalised murder ,as such as u say if its true, mugabe can be prosicutd 4 wat he did, buy homosexuality is being advocatd by intiornal cmmuntiy 2 b acceptd n legalsd.. i dnt thnk there is any religion or tradition or culture whrere so ever in dis world dt allows homosexuality…naturally it is inhuman ,spiritually it is forbiden, socially it is disgastn n immoral,traditnally or culturally it is unethical n abormination, n even purnishable by death in mst traditions….we strongly reject it here africa….it devlish advocacy .we r ppl of integrity with legitimate linage trace 2 our ancestors….

    • patoye! ur name is an erro,, only a gay can vomit such nonsence 4rm his mouth, u are a disgrace 2 manhood, burffalo like u..d word of god called it a sin & a common dust like u, opened ur dirty traps, stinking & fagish smelling mouth of urs 2 say taboo (nicer inquoted by patoye), may d anger of god fall on u & ur generatn, since u love bad things may it neva stop visting u in jesus name, amen. (in ur nxt life, try 2 call a dog a dog)) d gate of hell is waiting wide open 4u patoye 2 enter as a faithful servnt of lucifer…

  9. Mr Patoye,
    Shortup if you don’t have nothing good to say short up your big mouth, who is talking about who is nicer than who, we are talking about Releagion and God fearing people and you are here talking about who is nicer than who. the last time i check, you don’t know nothing about any releagion not Christian or Muslim every sensible person know that Being Gay is agaist every releagion and you are here oppeining your Basket mouth saying nonsence.
    Loard help you so you can repent because this a lone you said can put you in Hell.But i will still pray for you because i love you as a brother

    • Thank you our dear president,Robert Mugabe… May the almighty God give you that wisdom that he bestowed on to King Solomon,so that you continue guiding&directing The people of Zimbabwe… Thank you for being such a principled man……….

  10. Patoye or whatever your name is,you are a gay and stop lying to our ears don’t say they are gay cus what they were doing is disgusting,repent and live a normal like.

  11. Ao ¶ wish president Mugabe (fearless pres) is 9ja president…….Ɣ He goat go de yansh He goat?….God ϐłêšš Zimbabwe God ϐłêšš Mugabe… pres Mugabe mak U̶̲̥̅̊ d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ prepare 4 civil war cos oga Obama $ p.M cameron (britian) go cause commotin 4 ya country soon lik d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ did in Libya,Eygpt etc

  12. We are Africans, and should not allow our selves to be corrupted by those devilish white cultures.. For God sake what will a fellow man be doing in another man Anus.. God i thought of that make’s me puke

  13. for this thing u ve just said,we good ppl of Africa is prayin that God will bless and give u long life. as for the 5 is too much just give them 9 months. if they did nt give birth to a child they should beheaded.

  14. Patoye is indeed a semen drop of a bastard looking for his similar gay to patronise, I swear in the name of God if I should know where this type of person live in Nigeria, am ready to inflict on them a terrible havoc so that others may learn from them. may you and your entire household wrought in hell forever. repent before it is too late for you. Islam is the way out.


  15. PRESIDENT MUGABE, i am very proud to identify with you, i pray that God will write your name in the book of Life and you shall never be an abandoned vessel in Jesus name. Remain Blessed in Jesus name Sir

  16. Really people!!! Chop off their heads? How does what someone does in private affect you? Live and let live. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Judgement belongs to God.

  17. Yanko, May you be blessed with gay children. And speaking of your mentioned religion, you are the gayest people on planet earth and your outburst about seeking for and dealing with gay people, i am not in doubt of how your religion is only about violence. May your curses go back to you,your household and all your generation yet unborn.Your extreme ideas depicts your lunacy. I do not believe gay marriage should be legalised but i do not agree that they should be killed either. My point is there are worst atrocities out there.Believe it or not, Most gay people did not choose to be so but were born that way.A lot of them find reconciling their feelings with what society expects from them.I shall never judge another human by their sexuality but rather i shall judge them by that substance called humanity. By the way, i am a woman, heterosexual and very aware of of society and religion. Remove the speck in your eyes so you may see clearly enough to remove your neighbour’s. It is non of your business what another man does with his bottom.Why take paracetamol for someone else’s headache.

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