Zulu King Who Caused Xenophobic Kilings In South Africa Tenders Apology, Calls For Calm


xenophobic killings in south africa

April 21, 2015 – South African, Zulu King Who Incited Xenophobic Attacks, Killings Tenders Apology, Calls For Calm

He was a very popular and influential King in South Africa but his last remark has led to the untimely murder of over 2000 innocent foreigners in the troubled African country.

Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini buried his shame yesterday in Durban and tendered an apology.

This is what King Goodwill said in Durban yesterday:

“This violence directed at our brothers and sisters is shameful. My speech … was directed at the police, calling for stricter law enforcement, but that was never reported. The public was instead given another side of my speech, which had been twisted and misrepresented.”

However, Police minister Nathi Nhleko has faulted King Goodwill’s claim of innocence.

Nathi has defended the comments made by Zwelithini, in which he allegedly told immigrants to “pack their bags and go home”

How can he be telling South African police to pack their bags and go home… Which kind Orijo king is this???