119 Kaduna Villagers Killed By Fulani Men In Military Uniform Buried In Mass Graves


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March 18, 2014 – 119 Kaduna Villagers Killed By Fulani Men In Military Uniform Buried In Mass Graves

“…We have buried 119 corpses in three mass graves. …We are still counting,” says Nuhu Warney, Southern Kaduna on the latest Fulani massacre

More grim details are emerging as police and volunteers are finding the bodies of men, women and children in the forests near villages where hundreds died in raids by Fulani herdsmen over the weekend in Southern Kaduna, Central Nigeria

The attacks took place Friday night into Saturday when Fulani gunmen shot, hacked and burned to death at least 100 people and their razed homes.
One of the survivors, Nuhu Warney said,

“They came in such a large number, maybe about 200 of them, some in military uniforms, but with robber shoes. They divided themselves into three groups. There was a group that fired what may be a bomb, or some kind of explosives. The explosives brought down homes with flames. Then there was another group that shoot at those trying to escape from the fire. The last group used machete to cut down the shot ones and injured to death. These were mostly women and children.”

Those villagers left alive are burying the dead in mass burial sites; women are sitting on the top of the grave sites crying and yelling out the names of children, men and women.

Nuhu Warney said, “The attack was coordinated in the same way in Tekum and Unguwan Mata. So far, we have buried 119 corpses in three mass graves. The mass grave here has 57 people. We still have some corpses that we cannot reach, because the collapse buildings have buried them, and we cannot reach them yet. Even now, we are still picking some human remains along the bushes. So we cannot give and accurate account of the number of death yet. Until things settled down and we carry a detail census.

She added, “But I know that we have still had more corpses to bury. We have counted about 250 houses that were burnt by the attackers. Those injured are many. We are still counting.”

The bodies of two suspected herdsmen were also recovered. They were killed by an Abuja policemen who was visiting his home at the time of the raid and was subsequently killed as well.

Warney said, “the two bodies of their members left behind happened to be Fulani boys that were parts of this community. Everyone knows them here. They are engaged in commercial motor cycle riding. That is why we are saying that it was the Fulani that invaded us, for reasons we don’t know.”

[Sahara Reporter]