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15 Reasons Why Jonathan Doesn’t Deserve Reelection In 2015 By Chidi Cali


15 Reasons Why Jonathan Doesn’t Deserve Reelection In 2015 By Chidi Cali

jonathan 2015 reelection

Oct 30, 2014 – 15 Reasons Why Jonathan Doesn’t Deserve Reelection In 2015 By Chidi Cali

I have asked myself, “Hey Chidi Cali! Stop to think for a minute! Why do you think most of the powerful people in Nigeria, both within the ruling and the opposition parties would just be against one man?” They can’t all be wrong at once, can they?

I have come to realize that there must be something wrong with that man as everyone cannot be wrong at once, although the case of everyone of the Pharisee’s and Jew’s condemnation opinion of Jesus gives me reason to think that sometimes everyone could be wrong. But what is wrong with President Jonathan? Don’t tell me he is Jesus!

To answer the above question, I have had to do thorough soul-searching introspection, and evaluation of the facts, the fiction and the faction in searching for the truth. Luckily, I got the answers, which are listed in subsequent paragraphs as the fifteen reasons why Bros Joe must be stopped.

In summary, the 15 reasons why I support Online-warriors’ position that “President Jonathan Must Be Stopped By All Means Necessary” as well as OBJ’s warning that it should be “Before It Is Too Late” will expose the truth why most of the powerful forces in Nigeria have been ganging up against President Jonathan and why formerly sworn enemies, hitherto incompatible and disgruntled politicians have united for a common cause. I am sure that after this bizarre article many people will be very disappointed about Jonathan the more.

It is understandable that some would not expect one who had been a vocal sympathizer of the president to apparently do a 360 at this injury time. But there comes a time in the life of a man when he must obey his conscience and do what he believes in. This is such a time. And for those who would be disappointed after reading this article, I apologize in advance but what I have written I have written. I don’t give a damn! I am loyal to the country, not to any individual. And I must obey the dictates of my conscience. Below, is a list of the fifteen reasons why we must stop Jonathan before it is too late.

1. Jonathan does not keep his secret promises to the power cabal but he keeps his electoral promises to Nigerians. He secretly ‘promised’ the born-to-rule feudal lords that he would do only one term in office but he is not keeping that promise whereas he promised the bloody civilians that he would transform Nigeria and he is keeping that silly promise. Is that politically wise? This is the first and major reason why I believe that Jonathan is wrong. So, he must be stopped by all means necessary before it is too late!

2. They alleged that he is a desperate politician. I think I agree with that. Out of his desperation he became the president that approved the Freedom of Information Bill that gives Nigerians the right to get information from government, which his predecessors forbade. Out of his desperation he ensured that INEC got a competent boss who he did not previously personally know. Out of his desperation he is pursuing the passing of the Petroleum Industry Bill to give justice to the marginalized communities that feed our nation. Out of his desperation he allowed the Judiciary to be free and independent.

3. They said he is incompetent. I quite agree with them. Good examples of his incompetence are to be found on our federal highways, rail-lines, airports, seaports and other ports. If he is not incompetent how on earth will a man restore railway services to Nigeria after 29 years of neglect?
How will a man simultaneously be upgrading most of the airports in Nigeria and building new ones? How will a man be dualizing all federal highways and fixing all the bad roads from North to South? Imagine the Benin-Lagos-Owerri roads! Imagine the Abuja-Lokoja Road! Imagine the Lagos-Ibadan road (the road was a blood zone. In the last 4 Months, nobody has lost his life on that road) ! Imagine the Lagos –Kano Railway! Imagine the Port Harcourt – Maiduguri Railway! Imagine Enugu having an International Airport, even Onitsha and Warri having Ports and now ready for use. Haba? Jonathan is incompetent jor!

4. They say he has no clue. This is the one I agree with the most. “The man is clueless!” Only a clueless Nigerian president will diversify the economy to make agriculture, housing, manufacturing and commerce to be competing with oil as our chief foreign exchange earner. The wicked president made Nigeria a fertile ground for Car Assembly and Manufacturing companies and went further to Privatize PHCN (NEPA), allowing foreign companies to invest in Electricity generation and distribution. These development is expanding our economy and creating millions of jobs in the country.
Is he not clueless? Answer for yourselves. He’s clueless about governance but he was able to select and assemble some of the best available brains and technocrats to man his Techno-Cabinet. Only a clueless man will line up Okonjo-Iweala, Olusegun Aganga, Adewumi, Onolenmenmen, Obanikoro, Nebo, Nnaji, Usman, etc, from time to time.
He is clueless about development but he is working on 2nd Niger Bridge, East-West Road, Zungeru Water Project, Power revolution attaining unprecedented generation and distribution capacity, he completed Onitsha Port and Akanu Ibiam International Airport and he is encouraging industrialization in Nigeria that we now have Made in Nigeria Rice, Cars, Choppers, Ships, even Drones.
He is so clueless that he is investing three billion naira in further developing Nollywood to promote Nigeria’s towering image globally.
Only a clueless man can convoke a National Conference for which Enahoro, Adesanya, Fawehinmi, Ige, and all those patriots hoped to see in their lifetime but didn’t because those who had clue were in charge. The man is indeed clueless!

5. They said his “body language encourages corruption” and others thoughtlessly regurgitate the tired and tiring cliché “He is not fighting corruption” even though facts and figures show that under his watch those holes and conduits that encourages corruption are systematically being plugged and covered holistically. Nigerians love theatre and whoever gives them theatrics would be their Hero. Ribadu pursued all the thieves around and very few were caught and the treasury thoroughly bled like Syria. But here is Jonathan, rather than pointlessly pursuing thieves in a circus show, removing the conduits and possibilities for stealing (instituting Controls) and some say he’s not fighting corruption. You want home video? Go to Iweka Road, Onitsha.
The biggest corruption in Africa, possibly in the world, was the Fuel Subsidy fraud. Jonathan busted that and saved billions of naira that a thousand Ribadu cannot chase should they have been declared stolen. Oya clap for the clueless one jor! PhD holder and a Primary Seven holder cannot use the same formula to solve any serious problem – and you can always trust that even the stupidity of the Ph.D holder will be smarter than the genius of a Primary Seven holder.
The next biggest corruption conduit in Nigeria was the issue of ghost and spiritual workers who received physical and human salaries. It is only in Nigeria that ghost workers will retire and became ghost pensioners. Some of the ghost workers also received hazard and travel allowances. No jokes. Joejoe busted that also using biometric technology which he is also preparing to use in our 2016 Census to solve an ancient puzzle of how many and who we really are, and we are saving billions daily. Oya clap hand for Oga at the Top a second time jare!

6. They said he is vindictive of political opponents but he is the one who recalled his arch opponent, El-Rufai from exile and rehabilitated the gentleman who has quickly forgotten where the rains drenched him. He is so vindictive that when he declared a State of Emergency that was long due in troubled states, opposition states, he refused to take advantage to remove the governors and plant his stooges like his predecessors did. To know how vindictive he is to his opponents go ask Atiku, Gusau, Bakare, even Amaechi. He is really so vindictive.

7. They said he has not performed. Each time I read anyone make such comment, the first investigation I make is about their age. The first impression I get is that such person might be a teenager who does not fully understand the conversation. The facts on paper and on the ground prove that President Jonathan performance has dwarfed the performances of all his predecessors thus he is among the best three presidents Nigeria has ever had – if not the very best already. For details of the facts, please if you cannot see it in the roads, look at the rails. If you cannot look at the rails, look at the sky or check out our airports. If you hate the skies, look at the ports. If you do not want to go far, look in your pot, the rice there is no longer from Thailand but from Ofada, Ebonyi and Ekpoma.

8. He is said to be clannish but he has only one Ijaw in his cabinet whereas Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani has more than three members each. His native Ijaw is said to be the fourth largest group in Nigeria even though no credible census has ever been conducted in Nigeria to convincingly tell how many and who many we are. Permit my grammar. I come from Igodomigodo State. A man who is clannish is the one who would work on a federal road which starts from Benin City, starting only from his Sagamu to Lagos. Jonathan is clannish he fixed the whole stretch of the road. He is clannish he is courageously tackling the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. He is clannish he is fixing the East-West Road, Abuja-Lokoja Road, Keffi-Lafia Road, Makurdi-Oturkpo Road, Ninth Mile Enugu Dual Road will be completed this year 2014. He is clannish he built 12 news Federal Universities, one in his home state, but none of them had his large highly educated and competent Ijaw person as Vice Chancellor. He is clannish and he’s building a new sea port in Lagos State, his opponent’s state, where one withheld LGA allocation and another cancelled Metro-Rail project. Clannish indeed!

9. The said he is weak but he has taken on headlong the masterfully organized and well funded terrorist organization that carefully plotted to polarize Nigeria along religious grounds, instigate ethno-religious conflict and then cremate the nation. Only a strong leader could combat Boko Haram the way Jonathan did. Strength is not in noise making, but in strategizing. He is weak; he outmanoeuvred Dambazzau and his men. He is weak, he defeated the ‘Northern Consensus’ Atiku. He is weak he made IBB and Gusau to retreat. He is weak he defeated Buhari that the General wept in public. He is weak he withstood dissenting governors and legislators who had the temerity to desert their own party. He is weak he forced a senior letter writer to voluntarily retire from partisan politics. He is weak he sent the oldschool 20 20 Naira Policemen out of our highway where some had erected their own police extortion centre and made them truly mobile and effective patrol men. Weak, ba? You wish!

10.They said he is wicked but in 2010 he approved a 53% increase in workers’ salary to make workers live a better life and that police to cure. Today, government workers are liked by landlords and no longer rejected when they go in search for accommodation because the landlords now know they can pay.

11.They said he has done nothing in the power sector but he has totally transformed the power sector, unbundled the corrupt and inefficient PHCN, decentralized distribution networks, increased our generation capacity over 100% and he is simultaneously building TEN power plants across the nation. If that is nothing, then we need more of nothing.

12. He’s said to not give a damn about education but he is releasing the UBE funds to every state to guarantee free primary and basic education. Before you argue that it is statutory duty, recall that the one who gave a damn seized statutory allocation to even LGA councils. He doesn’t give a damn but he’s built several befitting Almajiri schools for the hitherto used and dumped across Northern Nigeria to educate the power who should never be tools in the hands of thieves hiding behind religion and ethnicity to deny their own people development and empowerment. He doesn’t give a damn but he has signed the biggest deal with ASUU in 30 years. He doesn’t give a damn he increased funding for existing universities while he founded 12 new well founded and funded universities to give each state in Nigeria, at least, a federal university.

13. They said he has goodluck only for Jonathan and Pepe but badluck for Nigeria but under his watch Nigeria migrated from Poor and Pariah to Big and BriNcs and from Big and BriNcs now we are called a Marvel and MiNt. Whose good luck is that? Answer for yourselves. As if that is not enough, Super Eagles, Golden Eagles, Super Falcon and all our athletes have suddenly rediscovered that they are Eagles and not Chickens. This good luck must not be missed, I swear. Me too I am henceforth expecting Jonathan’s goodluck to me. Walahi! Good luck to me, good luck to you, good luck to we all. Goodluck Nigeria!

14. He is said to be a kindergarten president but since pensioner presidents and ex-convict party leaders failed to be creatively performing in their times as chief executives the kindergarten president has started to manufacture Made-in-Nigeria cars, choppers, war ships, and even drones. Need I repeat Made in Nigeria, not Thailand, Rice? Only expired and discredited ex-convicts would dare call the digital president such thoughtless name. Kindergarten old crook!

15. He is said to be training snipers, keeping a nebulous long list and intolerant of opposition but no opposition figure has been shot despite the avalanche of his open, semi-open, secret and not-so-secret enemies unlike before in the days of Ige, Dikibo, Williams, etc. A certain Senator who should rather be taking roles in Nollywood, plus a certain misguided son of a once great man in Yorubaland and a certain little man causing big big trouble in Twitter, next to the man who is called Liar, desperately wish themselves in the so called long list, even if it means their having to commit suicide, all in a bid to give credibility to incredulity. Therefore, fellow Netizens, the above are the reasons why they say Jonathan must be stopped by all means necessary before it is too late!
Pity! I believe that, by now, having considered the foregoing fifteen reasons and supporting evidences on why they want to Stop President Goodluck Jonathan By All Means Necessary, you are convinced beyond all doubt, reasonable and unreasonable ones included, that those who want to stop Jonathan by all means are enemies of Nigeria who must not only be stopped by all means necessary but also be exposed for who they are – enemies, pretenders, bigots, felons! Anyone who wishes to stop this Jonathan of a Goodluck who we have been discussing in this rather lengthy article represents our national demons that we have to exorcise at all cost beginning immediately.

They are well funded to lie and deceive many. Many States of the opposition vote incredible portion of their budget to fuel this lying cartel. If you doubt this bold-faced claim, please get a copy of the Lagos State 2014 budget and compare the votes for education and social-media on the scale of relativity and you will come to understand why so many people throng online and have taken up paid jobs in bashing the President and the federal government for every single development action, even when he does what is not only right and laudable but also transformation. All they write is Nay Nay to the ridiculous point that some have turned to gay automatically from the moment President Jonathan signed the ASS (Anti-Same Sex) Marriage Bill into law.

They are each working very hard to earn their pay of the largesse budget vote by an opposition party which have neither ideology, discipline nor vision for Nigeria other than the pointless pretext of “PDP is bad” yet they crawl and kneel by day and by night, even in the mud, daily, begging the same PDP members and leaders not only to join them but to navigate for them – directionless directionlessness! Apologies again for my Igodomigodo.

Fellow Nigerians, on a final note, I urge you all by the mercies of God and for the love of country – to ignore the ranting of these misleading individuals who peddle lies that the President is “not working”. Next time these wicked people approach you, on their hate mission or blindly opposing your President’s policies, remind them that Jonathan’s Transformation agenda are tangible, people can see them as they are not fairly tales.

Whether they approach you through their military wing that hates peace and civilization, cowardly throwing bombs in public places, or their media wing, that lie and propagate frivolous stories via the mainstream media, on the internet or their literature wing that write and leak open and closed kiss, refrain and tell letters, or their political wing that treacherously and shamelessly claim that “It is our turn to rule”, I have advise you to send them this message.

Let them know that “who God blesses, No can one curse”. Confront the haters and opponents of the transformation agenda in Nigeria with these words; “2015: Challenge Jonathan with facts Not Hate.

[About the author: Chidi Kali writes from London, UK]



  1. fernandez

    October 30, 2014 at 4:43 PM

    i would have loved to read this interesting article to the end but i dont have the time for stupid write-ups. Sorry but you are as dumb as your write-up. Are you a member of TAN? or has your so called bros joe given u an oil-well or a contract(to polish his image online). You are in london saying rubbish and not here to see the real truth of things..
    1. Your privatized PHCN is far worse than NEPA. Now there is no light at all(at least during NEPA, we were still able to shout UP NEPA!!!)
    2. Your international airports that your sister(stella) spent billions on was damaged and flooded by just a day’s rain
    3. Corruption!!! dont even go there. Is it the Oduah case or Oteh or Bankole or Tukur or Diesiani or Kashamu or George(should i continue?) the list is endless and you are saying he blocked air from passing a pipe. Just recently, he nominated criminals(with EFCC cases) as ministers WTF!!!
    4. His wife is more popular than the V.P.. Takes decision all by herself(like who should be the governor or minister) Very soon, she would be decideing who should post anything online
    5. Boko Haram- hmmm!!!
    6. Education sector- i was at home for a whole year due to strike..
    See mr chris, if your bro joe nigeria was that good as you painted it, you wouldnt be in london.

  2. fernandez

    October 30, 2014 at 4:55 PM

    oh sorry i missed the budget allocation for terrorism>> almost a trillion naira and yet boko haram is growing stronger everyday. Every time, the military would come out and say they killed 600 insurgents today, 500 tomorrow, over 100 the next day.. even sometimes they put the figures at over a thousand. Are the boko boys ghosts or they have 9 lives? how come they keep coming even after the military claims to have killed lots of them? 1 billion dollars to fight boko haram or to campaign for 2015? The roads you claim he did, did you go there to see it or you are commending him based on what you saw on NTA?

  3. Jilo

    October 30, 2014 at 6:39 PM

    It seems this author is suffering from political dementia. Mr. Writer, I quite understand that you write to make a living and you’ve seen an alert from your bank account for the well job done especially on this write up. You can use your written piece to deceive or confuse some feeble minded individuals but not some mentally quick and capable Nigerians. Mr. Solicitor, you have failed to mention one significant issue in your write up and that is security. Security of a Nation is highly important without security there will be no Nation. Brother, lack of security in any Nation alone can bring that Nation down to its knee. The way your paymaster is handling the security of this Country can totally collapse this great Nation and you have not even mention anything about that in your write up. I understand that you are campaigning for your Oga on top but trust me, only illogical people will vote for Jonathan for the second term. You yourself aware that continuation of GEJ as a President of Federal Republic of Nigeria is suicidal.

  4. BO

    February 1, 2015 at 4:34 PM

    For Christ sake say amen to this—- your life in United Kingdom will be exactly like Jonanthan has turned Nigeria into….Boko haram will harass you day and night. Your life will be filled corruption and you will always bring shame to your family. Just like Jonanthan brings absolute shame to us as Nigerians….you imbicile you live in the UK and when you put on cnn or bbc you hear boko haram has destroyed somewhere….and you say Jonan must continue…..he gives the worst interviews in the 21st century… Yes Buhari isnt the answer to the issues of nigeria…but he wouldnt give the worst interview ever, he wouldn’t use billions of naira to maintain a fleet of private jet…..Like seriously…shame on you….

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