232 Brazilians Killed In Brazil Night Club Firecracker Explosion

brazil night club explosion

Jan 27, 2013 – 232 Brazilians Killed, 100 Injured In Brasil Night Club Firecracker Explosion

Over 200 people have died and at least 100 others injured in a fire at a nightclub in Brazil.

Local media say there were as many as 2,000 people in the club when the blaze began following a pyrotechnics show. Police said that the victims had died from smoke inhalation or been trampled to death as terrified revellers ran for their lives as the flames engulfed the club.

A video posted on YouTube (below) shows paramedics treating those injured outside the club while surrounded by several bodies.

It has been reported that a firecracker was lit on stage causing the acoustic insulation in the ceiling to catch fire. Emergency services raced to the Kiss nightclub, in the southern city of Santa Maria, following numerous 999 calls.

Guido Melo commander of the fire brigade told BBC World it was not possible to give an exact death toll yet. He said: “Fire services are looking for other victims. We can not give an exact number of victims. People started to panic and ended up stepping on each other.”

Major Gerson da Rosa Ferreira, overseeing rescue efforts at the scene for the military police, told reporters that 159 bodies had already been identified and removed from the nightclub. He said the death toll was likely to be above 200 people.

On New Year’s Day in 2009 at least 59 people were killed and more than 100 injured in a blaze at a party in a Bangkok nightclub. Witnesses claimed the victims were trapped behind locked doors as they tried to flee the flames. It is feared Brits and other foreigners were among the dead at the Santika club, which is popular with tourists and locals alike. Rescuers said most of the dead were found in the basement at the club in the city’s Thong Lor district.

It is thought some victims were trampled to death in the crush to leave by the only exit at the front.


4 thoughts on “232 Brazilians Killed In Brazil Night Club Firecracker Explosion

  1. May their gentle souls rest in perfect peace.Note of warning to people who engage in d use of fireworks to beware…

  2. There’s nothing like gentle soul there,my dear Momo.All this things are happening just because many have choosen to sarve satan rather to God their creator.But let me ask “how many of them are willing to go for night prayer?” But they’ve choosen to serve satan all in the sense of nightclub,where they’ll be funicating and doing all sorts of nonsense. Even those that suscided,should go and thank God for divine favour and marcy.

  3. Can you imagine,over 2000 people gathered together just for nigthclub to satisfy flesh ,but when you go to house of God that very night,you can’t realise 100 people there.Spiritual things controls the physical things,because l strongly believe that if some of them are highly spiritually alart,they wouldn’t have been there.This’s a lesson for others that are still roaming about in the night stealing,harloting and furnicating here and there,all in the sense of nightclub.The bible says that “the wage of a SIN is death,but the gift of the lord is eternal life in christ Jesus. So you that are still going or preparing to go and please satan, displease God,beware death is around the corner to take you at any given slight mistake.So be warned.

  4. Ifeanyi, how u dare to acusate people to serve Satan? LOL
    I laugh of people like you!
    How many people died ‘fighting’ for God?
    Dont say this kind of bullshits!
    Im Brazilian and i saw what happened, u cant say anything… dumb!

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