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Kanye West Allegedly Snatched Kim Kardashian From Reggie Bush

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Kanye West Allegedly Snatched Kim Kardashian From Reggie Bush

kanye west snatched kim kardashian

Jan 27, 2013 – Kanye West Allegedly Snatched Kim Kardashian From Reggie Bush

Kim Kardashian is with Kanye West. Kanye West has liked Kim Kardashian for a while. Kim Kardashian likes to date athletes — and Kanye West — at the same time, allegedly, of course.

According to new reports, Kris Humphries may have some new kindling to fuel his legal fire against Kim Kardashian and his allegations that her relationship with West started while they were still together.

According to West’s ex-buddy rapper, Consequence, Kimye were together while she was with footballer Reggie Bush.

During an interview on Power 105.1, a rapper, Consequence explained why the two hip-hop music makers no longer speak. He reckons that they were messing around in a naked way when she was with then boyfriend Reggie Bush.  Consequence went on to claim that he used to drive Kanye to hotels to meet Kim, probably to play scrabble or something.

Kim was with very fit American footballer Reggie for three years from 2007. Kanye’s ex girlfriend Amber Rose called Kim a “home wrecker” and blamed her for the breakdown of their relationship in 2010. It’s wrong to cheat and all, but it’s kind of romantic too – like they were destined to be together, no?

Thankfully, Consequence’s girlfriend was in the room to shed some light on some juicy gossip. She reportedly said, “When he [Kanye] was sticking Kim when Kim was with Reggie you know whose secret that was? That was our secret.” She added: “He [Consequence] had his back. Every night that man called ‘What do I, what do I do about Kim. I need to be with her’. That secret was in my home.”

The rapper’s girlfriend also added that Consequence used to drive Kanye to hotels so he could meet up with the starlet — all while she was dating Reggie Bush.

So, did it all start there? Well, if we look back at West’s “Cold” lyrics, he claims that his feelings for the busty brunette started when she was with the Hump. He raps, “I fell in love with Kim, around the same time she fell in love with him.” Could “him” possibly be Bush?

For years there’s been whispers that sexy Kim was more than just good friends with Kanye and there were rumours that she may have even been seeing him before she split with her husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries. But they always denied they were doing naughties.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Steven

    January 27, 2013 at 7:37 PM

    Kim kardashian is such a f***ing wh**e she left a guy that would love her to death for some punk ass rapper she is only using kanye to be in beyonce’s inner circle which will never happen well i hope reggie have a better life and congrates to his new baby and kim is nothing but a Money Seeking, Black D*** S***ing, Attention Seeking W**re Hope never to meet someone like Her

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