4 Koreans & 2 Nigerian Workers Kidnapped In Brass, Bayelsa State

construction workers kidnapped bayelsa state

Dec 17, 2012 – 4 Koreans & 2 Nigerian Workers Kidnapped In Brass, Bayelsa State

In the latest series of kidnappings in Nigeria, another set of 6 workers have been kidnapped in the city of Brass, Bayelsa state, Nigeria. naijagists.com

We learnt 4 South Koreans and 2 Nigerians construction workers were abducted today around 3:30pm by some masked gunmen at the construction yard of Hyundai Heavy Industries.

Tare Kolugha, a fisherman who witnessed the kidnap said the workers were going to their workplace when they were kidnapped.

“We were on the waters fishing close to Odioma Creek when we noticed two … boats with armed men (who) shot into the air and stopped the passenger boat conveying the Hyundai workers to their yard,” Kolugha told AFP.

The construction workers’ abduction have been confirmed by Bayelsa police spokesperson Fidelis Odunna who said:

At about 15:30 (1430 GMT) today, some armed men went to a Hyundai location in a forest by the Atlantic Ocean beach and kidnapped four expatriates and two Nigerians

December is the highest month of kidnappings in Nigeria since these criminals need money to celebrate Christmas.

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  1. Nigeria is now Nr-1 in Kidnapping business, Nr-1 in Robbers, Nr-1 in ritualist killing,Nr- 1 in religion killing, Nr-1 i corupption,Nr-1-Boko Harms and Nr- 1 in Politial killing, very bad country to say out,somebody come ,disgress to the Africas nation and to the world.

  2. Boko haram(north)………kidnapping(south)………….ritualist(east)…………communal crises(west)………..NIGERIA WHERE ARE WE HEADING TO………..God guard and protect us……………..BUT LET BE SINCER KIDNAPPING, BOKO HARAM AND RITUARIST WIC ONE IS MORE PREFERABLE????………ALL VOTE NOW!!!!

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