70-Year-Old Pastor Seeks Divorce From Wife After 10 Years Of Sexless Marriage


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Feb 14, 2016 – 70-Year-Old Pastor Seeks Divorce From Wife After 10 Years Of Sexless Marriage

A pastor has urged an Ojo Customary Court, to dissolve his marriage with his wife Titilayo because she starved him of sex. The petitioner, Caleb Oluwafisibe, 70, who has been married to Titilayo for 41 years, said his wife uses sex to punish him. According to him, his wife has refused to allow him to have sex with her for 10 years now.

He said that his marriage went downhill after things became tough for him. The pastor told the court that he was already practicing a celibate life, even though he is a married man. Oluwafisibe said: “Since I married my wife in June 1975, it’s been marriage and separation in two phases because every situation was determined by what I could offer.

We were living well until 1998 when things became tough for me. We separated from 1998 to 2006 when my church transferred me out to the east. My wife had a negative influence on my children as we had divergent views on their welfare and training. We always clash because of them.” Oluwafisibe said his wife refused him sex from 2006 till date, adding that it forces him to start practicing celibacy in order not to offend God by breaking his vows.

He added: “I even had a special prayer for my wife for three years to see if God would intervene in the difficult situation and change her personality.” The pastor begged the court to separate their union. He said that it was only after the marriage had been dissolved that he could move on with his life. Titilayo denied her husband’s allegations.

She said that her husband used to treat her without tenderness. She added: “He calls himself a pastor, yet he doesn’t have regard for his family. He has really caused so much division among our children.”

The Court President, Veronica Willoughby, urged the pastor to reconsider his prayer of dissolution as a man of God. Willoughby said: “As a pastor, you should seek peace and not separation. I will give you a second chance to go back and reconsider your intention. You have both failed in the training of your children by using them as a point of disagreement. Your children are your collective responsibilities.” Willoughby adjourned the case to February 16, 2016, to give the couple some time to reconsider their intentions.