A Thank You Note To All My Love

thank you message to fans

A Thank You Note To All My Love

To all the beautiful people who encouraged me yesterday when I poured out my heart, this is a thank you note to you.

If you miss the kindhearted people I was referring to, please check their beautiful comments here.

I really do appreciate you. I wish I could give all of you a big hug and thank you from the bottom of my heart . Your notes of encouragement and sweet opinions melt my heart.

I will forever be grateful.

Such friends are rare to come by.

To those who wrote to inspire me, I appreciate you equally.

Losing a loved one is truly painful. I have been really down since I lost my best friend.

Here is my thank you poem to you.

Thank you for your kindness,
it meant so much to me.
You care so much about me,
this is clear to see.
When I think of special,
I always think of you,
And the lovely seeds of kindness you sow
and the thoughtful things you say.
Thank You!.

10 thoughts on “A Thank You Note To All My Love

  1. I knew something was wrong yesterday. Very unlike you. I pray God heal your broken heart.
    Take heart my friend

  2. I love you always.
    A friend of mine sent one of your articles to me last month n since then I have been your core follower.
    Tomisin from Australia

  3. You have inspired all of us and hope your new you messages will keep inspiring and motivating as usual. It is true, most of the time the sad news make people feel sad the more because you ask yourself is that all to life. God continue to bless you more wisdom and favor

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