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Aftermath Of Marketers Ban: Dele Odule Rejects Kunle Afod’s TAMPAN Membership

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December 18, 2016 – Aftermath Of Marketers Ban: Dele Odule Rejects Kunle Afod, Says He’s Not A TAMPAN Member

The President of the Theatre Arts and Motion Picture Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPPAN), Prince Dele Odule has reacted to the recent story trending in the Yoruba movie industry between the Yoruba Video Film Producers/Marketers Association of Nigeria (YOVIFPMAN), Yewande Adekoya and Kunle Afod as the marketers suspended them from participating in any movies that will be marketed by YOVIFPMAN members.

The actors were accused of releasing their movies online. Odule exclusively told YMG that Kunle Afod is not a member of TAMPPAN when he was asked to talk about the association’s take on the issue.

You were in Lagos recently to hold a meeting with the Yoruba movie marketers; can you share with us what the meeting was all about?

The meeting I had with the marketers was strictly on how to improve production and how we will strengthen our marketing network. We want to work on the structure on ground so that both parties will be benefited.

We all know that the industry is gradually dying and we need to correct many things to revamp it. That was the main motive of the meeting. Then, we touched on other issues such as Yewande Adekoya and Kunle Afod’s case. Yewande, to be precise. Yewande is a member of our association. Her issue was projected beyond proportion.

It is clear that the marketers actually placed ban on actors and we trashed out the issue yesterday. I think what marketers did was natural because they have their opinion as an association.

We also have our association but Yewande wasn’t outrightly banned from the industry. What they said was that she offended one of them and they are ready to protect their own.

Even if she has done something wrong to any of the marketers, it is something we can resolve between the two parties.

What matters is to allow peace to reign. It is not that the marketers said Yewande was banned because the issue has been trashed out, but what I was there to do was to discuss how to improve the industry and Yewande’s case just came by the side.

How about Kunle Afod’s case?

Well, Kunle Afod is not our member. He is not a member of TAMPPAN. If he had joined the association, maybe we would have tabled his case also and he would have reported the case to the association but Yewande did because she is a member of TAMPPAN.

Afod has never reported any matter to us and his belief is that since he is not one of us, why should he report the matter to us and that is all?

[Interview By YMG]

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