Friends Of TV Host Killed By Robbers Beg Kidnappers To Release Her Daughter


fareeda girl kidnapped ikorodu lagos

December 18, 2016 – Friends Of Aishat Thelma Alli, TV Host Murdered By Robbers In Ikorodu Lagos Traffic Beg Kidnappers To Release Her Daughter


Nigerians and mothers of the world… the family of Aisha Thelma Alli-Balogun Abiose needs your help to get Fareeda out and safe.

This beautiful family you see in this picture is going through terrible moment of their life.

This cute girl was kidnapped and then one thin led to another the mother was shot on 16th Dec 2016.

The miseries and prayers are not yet over until the safe release of this innocent girl.

Please let’s forward this to as many as possible n let’s pray so that God will touch the soft part of the heart of the kidnappers so they can release the girl to her family.

She is just an innocent little girl who probably thinks mummy will soon come get her and take her home not knowing that mum has gone home to rest for her sake.

We know and believe that every human has a conscience and all tough guys have a soft spot.
Let’s keep this message going on until it gets to the kidnappers.

Now to the kidnappers….pls where ever you are, see this message as an appeal, cry of hot tears of mothers, that suffered through pregnancy,went through pains of labour to bring forth a child which you are one of…. from all mothers of the earth. . . . .

We mothers beg you in the name of everything that means well to you to please release Fareeda

The death of the mum (Aishat) might be a mistake but if anything happens to this little girl, will you ever be able to find peace and forgiveness?

Pls do the right thing by letting Fareeda free.

May the pains and tears of a mother not curse you.

Please free Fareeda now.