Teenage Armed Robbers Arrested After Bloody Robbery Attack

teenage robbers arrested ghana

Feb 13,2018 – Angry Mob Beat Teenage Armed Robbers To Stupor After Bloody Robbery Attack

Check out the underage boys arrested for robbery at an undisclosed location in Ghana recently.

The innocent looking boys are very deadly as they are fond of waylaying their victims before attacking them with knife.

The 13-year-old boys reportedly stabbed a woman and fled after snatching her bag.

When their victim raised an alarm, a angry mob gave them a hot pursuit, beat them to stupor before handling them to police.

A social media source said it happened somewhere in Ghana.

6 thoughts on “Teenage Armed Robbers Arrested After Bloody Robbery Attack

  1. merely looking at them I’ll say they’re from the N- side of Nigeria , heartless sets of scumbags, Buhari should win 2019 election so that Biafra will be actualize quickly I’m tired of being regarded as Nigeria with these sets of blood sucking animals.

    • When you give birth to children you cannot control them, but as a parent you can do something to channel their future and destiny. They get older and that is where you cannot control them, but you can continue to pray for them.

  2. Teenage kids who are deadly ,rob and maim should be prosecuted as adults.A crime is a crime and law is not a respecter of age or sentimemts

  3. Sad! But robbery is a profession of the young and agile because it entails a lot of energy sapping running, lifting jumping etc. where will an older person have the legs to run fast if pursued or even the heart required to provide stamina for survival in that job? If an older person is involved, he is probably a retired consultant or the juju man for the robbery gang since most robbers believe that their juju will protect them from being caught.
    So these “artful dodgers” are also there in Ghana? Cry the beloved continent.

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