Anthony Joshua Loses “Girlfriends” For Suggesting A Woman Was Created To Be Housewife

anthony joshua comment womenAnthony Joshua Attacked By Feminists Over Comment About Women First Purpose As Housewife

British Nigerian Boxing champ Anthony Joshua’s popularity among women is on the downward trend after his insensitive comment about women and their place in the society.

Anthony Joshua who was raised by his Nigerian mother in a recent interview said the purpose of a woman in life is to become a wife, hence the need for strictness while a boy child can be trained with less seriousness.

Feminists are now coming after him for showing little regard for the female child.

His popularity among Nigerians and African women has also dropped.

This explains why the boxing champ is trending as Man Crush Monday.

See his response to the interview question below

Wait a minute, did Anthony Joshua said anything wrong. Isn’t this view that of the an average African man?.

And what is wrong about it?. These feminists are not Africans so they won’t understand the way Africans raise their kids.

3 thoughts on “Anthony Joshua Loses “Girlfriends” For Suggesting A Woman Was Created To Be Housewife

    • Those women who thinks what he said is wrong are most the ones who see themselves as the bread winner of the house

  1. Only the woman TIGERS are the ones attacking him…. We all have our individual roles to play in life, this their feminism seems to be championed by lesbians.

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