APC Fans Attack Jonathan With Full Page Ad On The Nations Newspaper

apc attack jonathan ad newspaper

Jan 24, 2015 – APC Fans Attack Jonathan With Full Page Advert On The Nations Newspaper

In the past one week, PDP has used Ekiti State governor Fayose to place non stop attack ads on Buhari.

Fans of APC have fired back with a full page advert on The Nations Newspaper.

The attack likens Jonathan with Idi Amin of Uganda, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and others.

He was urged to stop comparing himself with successful presidents like Nelson Mandela, Barrack Obama and late Human Right Activist, Martin Luther King.

16 thoughts on “APC Fans Attack Jonathan With Full Page Ad On The Nations Newspaper

  1. That boy called Fayose is a stupid & nuisance boy,i could remember when he was in secondary school, he was expel several tyms,bcos of the marijuana he smoke it disturb his brain, he will soon run mad, i dnt blame him, de election was rig during his governorship election he nw keep talkn jagons.

  2. This is reality, He is a failed president we ever had in the history of our dear nation. FeBuhari, Sai Baba, Sai APC for the needed Change.

  3. Bad-lucky Jonathan behaves like a mad dog which has forgotten where it had kept a bone for dinner.

    He talks of things which are irrelevant to his rule. A package of corruption in his head.

  4. Am sure that the writers of that page can’t differenciate between colours.how on earth can a reasonable person compare GEJ with IdiAmin of Uganda? Noise makers!

  5. So called Godmother and Godfather why can’t they says all this when Muna was a life but they decide to shut down their mouth, please let them shut down their mouth permanentry.is not good to speak bad about death.

  6. I have seen several ads attacking individuals instead of the problems facing facing us…..both APC and PDP guilty of this.

    Question; Is this the way it should be?

  7. Abeg make una pity my bross. he was only ill-advised. the worst is that he is blowing his trumpet. Now which side of the coin do we believe? i pray ‘VAL – LOVE DAY 14th Buharia day’ will not spell doom.

  8. We need change this not d matter of 73 or whatever Gej that is not old is reasoning like a chicken he said he cannot kill boko haram bcos they are his family nigeria pple shld think n dont sell ur future n vote for d right pple

  9. I was saw this bifor evribodies was saw it. Bt I come say make I leaving the small boys to be talk fest bifor I am talk. Now wey evribodries is hav talking finish, make I talk my own.

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