Apostle Akan Weeks Allegedly Used Church Members As Human Sacrifice..Uyo Church Death Toll Over 100

akan weeks church members human sacrifice

December 12, 2016 – Pastor Akan Weeks Accused Of Using Church Members As Human Sacrifice..Uyo Church Death Toll Over 100

The founder of the ill-fated church building that collapsed in Uyo on Saturday has come under fire for allegedly using his church members as human sacrifice.

According to insiders, the building that came down was certified ok for the event after some inspectors came to inspect the place days before the ordination service, however, the mysterious way in which the roof of the building came down has put Akan Weeks in a flood of Human sacrifice allegation.

Though police said only 27 people died in the tragedy, relations of the victims said over 100 people died with many still unaccounted for.

Some relations of the victim were forced to take home the dead bodies of their people since all the mortuaries in the town were filled to the brim.

On the other hand, a family friend of Akan Weeks said he suffered serious leg injury and might have to undergo amputation surgery.

11 thoughts on “Apostle Akan Weeks Allegedly Used Church Members As Human Sacrifice..Uyo Church Death Toll Over 100

  1. Even if one life was lost in the tragedy it should not be described as “only”! Even if people were injured but not dead, it calls for investigation. Imagine the hardship on families having to buy drugs when nobody anticipated such expenditure and now the agony of losing loved ones and breadwinners.
    Something should be done to assist the survivors and the affected families cope even while the investigation is going on.
    RIP to the dead.

  2. I KNEW it that this story would never end without a version of human sacrifice being heard. God alone knows the truth. But I fear these pastors o! They can do and undo. The more you look, the less you see.

  3. Mysterious tragedy that seriously has a lot of question surrounding it.


    Let that pastor come and dispute this fact made known to nigerians by the church insiders if he’s truly innocent of his occultism and ritualism. Now he has disguised to fool the country that he was not also spared of the affliction or the calamity that befell his church members. God will judge you,you demonic and fake pastor!

  4. I’m still overwhelm with a lot of sadness following this tragic events of another collapsed church. I don’t care how this happened. All I know is that, somebody has to take responsibility of sudden death of 160 lives. We need to start holding people responsible for their actions. Are we just going to assume it is a mistake from the builders and move on? even though most of the victims have gone, are we not suppose to fight on their behalf?

    Most of the victims were uninformed and allowed themselves to be exploited by these fake men of God. In both scenario none of the founder of these Occultic church was among the victims. These pastors hide under the name of God to perpetrate their evil act. After a lot of stress to pay their tithe, they were still made to face horrible death.

    The most surprising part of this catastrophe is that some die hard church members were preventing journalist to document and take pictures of this incidence. Why are they covering up the tragic? At the end, some brown envelope journalists will be forced to wipe all evidences from social media just like they did with TB Joshua. Infact Nigeria is a spectacular Country even among Africa nation’s.

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