Apostle Psalm Okpe Drugged, Raped & Murdered My Wife In Benin Hotel – Husband Of Late Gospel Singer

apostle psalm okpe raped woman hotel benin

April 18, 2016 – Apostle Psalm Okpe Drugged, Raped & Killed My Wife In Benin Hotel – Husband Of Late Gospel Singer Cries Out

Mr Odion Omoarebokhae, husband of the gospel singer who was found dead in a hotel room, has said that CCTV footage of the hotel they lodged in revealed that Apostle Psalm Okpe and his late wife, Yvonne, slept in the hotel.

This, he claimed, was contrary to what Apostle Psalm told police investigators that his wife went home after the church programme at Sapele, Delta State.

The distraught husband told newsmen in Benin City Monday he was to understand how Apostle Psalm hypnotized his wife for her to go to the hotel.

He spoke after some social media reports claimed that results of the autopsy conducted on his wife showed that she died of cardiac arrests.

Odion said the autopsy was conducted last Saturday and that police doctors told him it would take 30 days for the autopsy results to be ready.

He said he decided to state what he saw on the hotel CCTV footage because it was only through the media he could fight those he called powerful men behind Apostle Psalm.

Narrating what he saw, Odion stated that the video recordings showed that Apostle Okpe spent over one hour alone with his wife’s lifeless body inside the hotel room.

According to him, “My wife is a singer. She goes out to minister and comes back. She went to minister in a church programme Sapele and at 9pm I was called to come to Airport Road Police Station that she has issues with some persons. I went and the police did not open up early until I threatened them. It was later I discovered that Pastor Psalm Okpe that invited her for the programme has killed my wife. Luckily, she has sent pictures of the programme to everybody.

gospel singer dies hotel room benin edo state

“After the programme, she came to Benin and how the Pastor managed to manipulate her to that place is what I don’t understand. I have seen the CCTV footage. Initially the Pastor said my wife went her way after the programme but we saw in the CCTV that contrary to what he wrote, she actually slept in the hotel. From the CCTV, immediately they entered, my wife was following him like a dog, like somebody without senses.”

“The next morning, Apostle Psalm came out of the room. He stood by the door like somebody thinking of what to do before going out with a taxi. He spent five hours outside. By the time he came back, he went to the reception to demand for his key hoping that my wife had left to go and die in her house. They told him that the key was not with them and that his key was with him. They called the porter who brought a spare key and forced the door open.”

“Immediately the porter opened the door, he left and the Apostle entered. He spent another one hour 18 minutes with the lifeless body. He went out again and the porter and other hotel staff were waiting for him. They asked him what was the matter that the guest inside could not open the door after knocking severally. He said his co-minister is unconscious. They asked him to wait and they called the Police.”

“The police told they met my wife fully dressed like somebody about to go out. They took her photographs like somebody taking a nap.”

“I have seen my wife’s body. There is no physical mark on her. From what I observed, she was given an overdose of substances that her system could not take.”

“People have been calling me telling me to try and bury my wife. I told them that I did not sell her and I will not collect any money.”

“The doctor told me that they have sent the specimen to Lagos for the result and I am now reading about reports claiming that she died of cardiac arrest.

“I want the law to follow the issue closely. I never knew Apostle Okpe. My wife usually post morning devotional things in Facebook and from there he contacted my wife. She goes out to minister normally. She was supposed to return that day. I was expecting her to come back that day.”

“After the autopsy, the police called and told me to go and bury my wife but I refused. I told them I was not ready to dialogue. The police did the autopsy. I did not hire any private doctor. I am here because the only way I can fight a man that powerful is the media.”

[The Nation]

39 thoughts on “Apostle Psalm Okpe Drugged, Raped & Murdered My Wife In Benin Hotel – Husband Of Late Gospel Singer

  1. Poor man go and get yourself a good lawyer and fight this case
    the charismatic pastor will bribe himself out of murder if u don’t act ontime
    I’m based in Calabar so I may not be able to represent you but I can offer you legal guidance. email me at barila*****@gmail.com

  2. I just pray u get a good lawyer to run did case for u, but what is a married woman doing in an hotel i pray u get justices

    • hmmm….let’s watch our tongue and allow God to prevail…I worship in his church if throughly he actually kill the woman God will not let him go Scot free and if he didn’t he must be vindicated… remain blessed.

      • Why didn’t he perform his miracle to wake her up? Why is the lady in the same hotel with him. Is the hotel a church or revival ground

  3. Go and look for money and carry out another autopsy on her privately. As for those claiming to know pastor psalm as somebody who lives next door to God, una eye go soon clear. My brother fight the death of your wife and let this case be the first to actually expose these demons calling themselves men of God. May God have mercy on us.

  4. “I never knew apostle psalm…the husband said. With all the news going round in town about social media . We all need to be careful. How can the husband allow his wife to minister in a church he knows nothing about and the person she met on the FB. He should have followed her.May the soul of the departed rest in peace.

    • Ehe! blame the victim and exonerate the pastor who lives next door to God. Why didn’t he use his miracle this time that is mostly needed?

  5. Awww, this is so sad. Mchew after reading d above I couldn’t control the free flow of tears. I candid advice, let God fight your battle. Mchew

  6. Set him free apostle psalm is innocent. The police should investigate well. Let’s pray for him instead of judging what we don’t no about.

    • Do not vouch for anyone. He might be a good man just as the woman but somehow got themselves involved in some kind of mature adventure that turned out to expose them. We all are mere mortal.

  7. But where was the pastor’s wife during all this incident. I expected him to be travelling with his wife in his missionary work in order not to give the devil an opportunity such like this. I believe it’s proven that he was with his wife that night, his innocence is assured.


  9. So my brother,u need a private doctor to carry autospsy on ur wife very well, not naija police, that pastor is richer and powerfull than u Sir,dont belive them since u see CCTV of what going on,so get familie members to join money and fight with private Doctor and get a gud Lawyer.u can also go to human right lawyers, but that things is not working in afican country, but try to writ to Amnesty they will help u out,to fight.

  10. My brother allow God to judge, there is nothing you can do that will revive her and make her to wake up again. Thought it is painful and also I lesson to others to allows go in pairs.

  11. Because Benin people like to use there sisters and wives to look for money. Why did you allowed your wife to visite a man in the hotel? are you living on top of tree that the pastor can not come to your house?

  12. people should be careful who they make their FB friends so many fradusters and killers in the FB, Ladies and gentlemen open your eyes.

  13. I can’t believe u are dead after d wonderful ministration in d church on Thursday last week in sapele, wat a terrible world,I was there nd I admired ur beautiful voice, never knw dat day will be d end we ever get frm you.wat a tragedy, never knw I will be reading about ur death on d news platform, Rest in peace, God kowns best.

  14. I must say dis is a big lesson for every one, as a minister if u re invited to a programme whether a day or more than u hv to go along with a trusted n prayerful friend or beta still ur spouse to b able to establish truth incase der is element of doubt frm anyone

  15. I must say dis is a big lesson for every one, as a minister if u re invited to a programme whether a day or more than u hv to go along with a trusted n prayerful friend or beta still ur spouse to b able to establish truth incase der is element of doubt frm anyone

  16. I must say dis is a big lesson for every one, as a minister if u re invited to a programme whether a day or more than u hv to go along with a trusted n prayerful friend or beta still ur spouse to b able to establish truth incase der is element of doubt frm anyone

  17. Have anyone of you asked why did God took her after the beautiful ministrations ? You folks should stop saying rubbish about Apostle okpe he is innocent this woman husband knows the truth that man is innocent and I know that people are there with him telling him to use this opportunity to grab some money from Okpe. So he want to play the game to make the Nigerians to see it as if okpe killed him.. I know okpe for good 10yrs he can never kill a fly … Why haven’t he the husband of the late woman make the video available for the police too ? Is he the only one that watches it ? You people should watch what yu say here ooooo ********.. My name is smith

    • Common, even the so-called apostle does not know himself. People fall for temptations. Google Eddy Long, he is one of the well-known pastors in the world. one of the best friends to G. Bush, Pastor Juanita Bynum, she was a lesbian etc. The devil can preach the bible. He is not God incarnate, he is human. Google jimmy swaggart, Jim Bakker, Kent Hovind, Robert Tilton, Peter Popoff, Gilbert Deya. The last stole children from Kenya and sold the kids

  18. hmmm…. So many things to learn from. So many things do happen in the dark. But we are not to judge for even the worst of sinners can be pardoned by God. What have we to say when God shows mercy? This calls for great lamentation and grief and not spectations or conclusions. May God have mercy on us all.

  19. If the pastor is not responsible for the woman’s death,then the hotel owner and the workers are to be questioned because nobody knew what happened when the pastor left the hotel in a taxi,someone could enter the pastor’s room room and do away with the woman’s life for ritual purposes.
    Meanwhile Sir,should I advice you,I would ask you to bury your wife and focus your attention on raising up your children,for sure,it is too hard to bear,yes it is but I urge you to take heart and bear the loss.I believe your wife is resting in the bosom of the Almighty God,even if she was lured into adultery,she did not do that willfully,she was raped so it cannot be counted for her as sin.

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