Arik Air Passenger From London Blasts Airline Over Lost Baggages


arik air lost baggages

December 9, 2016 – Arik Air Passenger From London Blasts Airline Over Missing Suitcases

I am writing regarding a very serious issue regarding the above named Airline.

My parents left the UK on the 02/12/2016 with Arik Air to Lagos.

On getting to the Airport we were handed out a leaflet stating that the Bigger Flight was hit in Lagos,

And a smaller flight has been allocated for the trip, we were reassured it was safe.

We spoke to the Airport Team and explained that we had our parents medication in the suitcases,

And how my mother was just discharged from the hospital here in the UK. We were assured that it will be treated as priority.

To cut the story short, my parents arrived on the 03/12/2016 and still have not received their suitcases as I write this today 08/12/2016.

While the Arik staff in Lagos keep know their head from their tail, all seem very confused and not having the Intelligence to provide information.

There has been no Duty Of Care provided to the passengers, my parents have made a trip to the airport everyday.

No sort of arrangement has been provided for the passengers they have left stranded nor them knowing the where about of those the should have been in charge of.

Also they cannot provide concrete information of the situation with the suitcases, which is completely unbelievable !! what a shock from an Airline allowed to make International Flights.

I will advise anyone planning on travelling with this Disgrace and disaster of an Airline should refrain from doing this.

Clifford Obioma.