Armed Robbers Attacked Bullion Van Carrying UBA Bank Cash In Akure Ondo State

armed robbers uba bullion van akure

Nov 21, 2014 – Armed Robbers Attacked Bullion Van Carrying UBA Bank Money In Akure Ondo State

Some dare devils took over a bullion van conveying money to UBA at Elemoso village off Ondo-Akure road yesterday and got off with an undisclosed amount of money.

The robbers opened fire on the  bullion van and escort vehicle around 4:50pm in the afternoon yesterday.

The operation was successful as the robbers looted almost all the money belonging to United Bank of Africa.

An eyewitness said police escort were caught unaware when the robbers opened fire on the bullion van and the escort vehicle simultaneously.

 “The policemen and the driver of the van took to their heels immediately the hoodlums opened fire on them. The operation lasted for just about seven minutes.

“The speed breaker erected on the highway helped the armed men. They overtook the vans and opened fire on the policemen before they could realise what was going on. The men were better equipped because they operated with confidence.” – an eyewitness told reporters

A pastor coming from a mechanic shop was said to have suffered serious injuries when he came under rain of bullets.

As at the time of this report, the whereabouts of the police escorts and the bullion van driver who took their heels after the robbers struck is still unknown.

The victim, Pastor Ajah, a school proprietor was rushed to the general hospital for treatment.

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  2. chai and bishop u guys are wrong u dnt know what is going on in ur country. Nija is one of d reachest in Africa.our economy has grown so tremendously,am talking of individuals nt even Govt.a country where 70per.are doing well in their biz,private coy are doing well,70per are employed.may be d remaining 30 are looking for well paid dnt say there is no employment.when u go to other countries u will appreciate urs

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