Armed Robbers Shoot & Kill Lagos Police Inspector Withdrawing Money At GTB ATM

Gaffar Ismail

August 2nd, 2016 – Armed Robbers Shoot & Kill Lagos Police Inspector Withdrawing Money At GTB ATM

A 4-man robbery gang invaded Idimu area of Lagos yesterday and killed two persons. The suspected robbers shot dead a police inspector and a civilian at Okunola Street, Idimu, on the outskirts of Lagos metropolis.

The yet-to-be named inspector was shot while he was withdrawing money from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) at GTB bank. The robbers, who stormed the area about 11a.m., had earlier attacked a bank customer and robbed him of a huge sum of money which he had withdrawn inside the banking hall.

The gunmen, who wielded two guns, went for the customer who was on his way out of the bank. The suspects had successfully robbed the man and were fleeing when they saw the inspector using the ATM and shot him in the head.

Onlookers rushed the inspector to a hospital where doctors confirmed him dead. Meanwhile, policemen stationed at the bank called for reinforcement. Men of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) and Mobile policemen deployed in the area went after the fleeing robbers and caught up with them.

In the ensuing gun battle, the police shot and killed two of the robbers, arrested a suspect identified as Gaffar Ismail while the remaining one escaped. The police recovered motorcycles, as well as the two guns used for the operation from the suspects.

A police source said the robbers had an insider source in the bank. “There is someone in the bank who usually informs them when a customer comes to collect huge money. The way they came, it was clear that they had information and knew exactly who to target.

“The suspect that was arrested has earlier killed a policeman and he was the one who shot the inspector,” the source said.

[Daily Telegraph]

14 thoughts on “Armed Robbers Shoot & Kill Lagos Police Inspector Withdrawing Money At GTB ATM

  1. Withdrawal made in the banking hall is not secured AND Withdrawal made from ATM is not safe; so what or where is safe?
    I pray this vermin of a robber exposes the insider giving them information to carry out this dastardly crime. Horrible, horrible story!!!

  2. This actions from our gallant mopol to have intercept and eventually laid their hands on one of the robbers are indeed worthy of our praise and commendation. This days lagos state police are really showing to all that they are really more than the task. Many condolences to the families of the deceased.

  3. Its a good thing they are caught, this criminals are too lazy to do somethg for themselves other than reaping people of their hard earned money, and at d same time killing them in d process. Such wickedness, they should be apportioned d same thing they bestowed on their victims, Death by firing squad.

  4. Why waste time on passing judgement? waste him!!! he has just turn someone to a widow and some kids are fatherless now! RIP to the departed souls.

  5. That’s why going to the bank now for any transaction scares me. RIP to the officer and for fools, they’ve met their end.

  6. Thief you done.. that’s it for you. .as long as a policeman life is in involved.the police not even going to take you to court. They makes decision in this case.

    RIP the dead.

  7. I think the insider is the greater robber. He must be fished out and go down with this last man standing…
    Gaffar Ismail.

    I take a stroll…

  8. Haba this is bad nobody to trust anymore is even good the other robber was caught alive he will expose others gangs in this act most especially the kingsmaker in the bank only God can save us

  9. God just want to catch dis Ismaila because some of is gange were killed dis year and he still chose to go into robbery again ……. small boy of about 21 year old

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