US Launches Heavy Air Strikes On ISIS Camps In Libya

us airstrikes isis camps libya

August 1st, 2016 – US Launches Heavy Air Strikes On ISIS Camps In Libya

According to BBC, the US has launched air strikes on targeted positions occupied by the dreaded Islamic State militants in Libya.

Libyan PM Fayez al Sarraj who confirmed the heavy airstrikes said the strikes caused a huge loss in the Jihadi sect.

The air strikes are the first such US military intervention coordinated with the Libyan unity government.

12 thoughts on “US Launches Heavy Air Strikes On ISIS Camps In Libya

  1. US has the weakest and porus security in world! a place where you can have your own gun and kill who ever you like at any time…..

  2. @rapo I think you are a little bit confused. possession of guns don’t mean US lacks security it was passed to law in order to have self defence

  3. thank God it was successful more of this we need… this jihadist sect are too evil they need to be wiped out entirely from the surface of the earth

  4. I just wish it is some Angry Thunders from above on those dirty, demented, devilish, derailed, destructive, damned, demonic, dangerous, deadly, dudes.

    I take a stroll…

  5. @RAPO I will not totally agree that US has the weakest and porus security in the world. Admittedly,when one talk about the giving out of fire arms with licence to the civilian population who are untrained and lack military experience to wield there weapons,then you are right in that. Time and again in US history, civilians have wrecked havoc on there fellow civilians with the use of the weapons they possessed that are meant for protecting themselves and facing off with an attacker. On the contrary,they used that same weapon to attack there families and friends. But no doubt the US also has to be praised in their fight against terrorism across the globe. I must tell you,if not for US and the command of barak obama ordering the use of force in august 2014,the so called ISIS would have completely taking over both iraq and syria in that year where many thousands of both countries soldiers were mercilessly massacred in there barracks and basis by this monsters and even trying to carry out massive attack in the US home land many of which were foiled before it was carried out. Though ISIS Still remained a potent force today in both countries. Many terrorist in the middle east have already pledged allegiance to them including our home grown terrorist boko haram as well as north african jihadi affiliates in libya. America are indeed succeeding in leading the fight against terrorism abroad. Who knows what would have being our fate in the world today if not for the intervention of american collision forces in dis lodging this enemy of peace in there strong hold in the middle east and in libya. If you’re actually following up with the world news,you will no doubt give credit to American effort in combating radical islamist jihadist from spreading to other part of the world. Just take a look at that,in today’s news on the 1st of AUGUST 2016 from reuters news agencies, ISIS have called on their muslim followers in RUSSIA to start attacking there citizens in their homeland. So let’s leave America to keep bombing them wherever they maybe found on this planet. So if america have the weakest and porus security in the world as you said, there country surely by now would have become a pile of rubbles resulting from the retaliatory attacks from this jihadi ISIS right from the day America keep attacking them from 2014. So brother, america today cannot be easily penetrated by foreign attacker. In fact America has the strongest security in the world. No country on earth can ever come close to them in terms of security and military might.

  6. That is the kind of weapons we need in Nigeria. I mean everyone in this country is suppose to have a good licensed gun for protection and it will less the crimes/corruption we are facing. US president is on point.

  7. Kai.. @ Bench, seriously, for the first time I feel like buying you your best drink, Ogogoro & Igbo, for this your comment.

    I think the best and surest way for America to completely overcome the fight against terrorism is to start by flushing out all the ***** in their lands.

    All those dare demons demonstrating, & doing deadly deeds dont deserve a serene place like America.
    Chase them back to their Afghanistan and Libyan countries.

    I take a stroll…

  8. Oil is the curse that caused all these nonsense! Look at Nigeria, is oil not the problem? We haven’t seen anything, wait till Saudi Arabia cannot fully support its citizens, then the real hell will break loose. Iraq and Libya were destroyed because World powers saw economic dangers if the leaders of these countries continue their paths. So who created ISIS? America will surreptitiously make these Arab countries spend all the money they had made on oil business.

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