Arsenal’s Manager Arsene Wenger Slips & Falls Down On Liverpool Street After Loss

arsenal manager slips and falls down

Feb 11, 2014 – Arsenal Manager, Arsene Wenger Slips & Falls Down On Liverpool Street After Defeat

In what sources called double blow for Arsenal FC, after a humiliating 5-1 loss to Liverpool, Arsenal football club’s manager, Arsene Wenger lost his balance on Liverpool’s Lime street while rushing to catch a train taking him and his players to London.

Arsene Wenger reportedly slipped and fell on his back. He was very lucky to have escaped hitting his head on the glass pane behind him, it would have been a severe case.

Moments later, two British police officers were seen helping to get him up.

Though he hurt his back, he didn’t sustain any serious injury.

Arsene Wenger slips and falls down

The incident happened on Saturday.

17 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Manager Arsene Wenger Slips & Falls Down On Liverpool Street After Loss

  1. Double blow indeed. He has lost his bearing papatata
    Double wahala for dead bodi
    Liverpool we never walk alone

  2. I hope he is okay,for a man his age to have such fall can lead to complication.I can feel somebody getting his pants sued for that fall.

  3. Shock of d unbelievable defeat of Arsene.W team made him to loose his balance.He should develop tick skin,d game is not yet over

  4. Lol…..Prof. wetin come fall you nah? Liverpool una wicked oooh! He has not really been himself since that match.

  5. so, wenger too hav witness what it takes to be defeated. guess he too has now undergo d pains other defeated manager use to pass tru wen been defeated

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