Beverly Osu Models For Prestige Cosmetics Nigeria (Photos)

beverly osu prestige cosmetics nigeria

Nov 10, 2013 – Beverly Osu Models For Prestige Cosmetics Nigeria (Pictures)

Former Big Brother Africa star, Beverly Osu was recently made the ambassador of a top Nigerian cosmetic brand, Prestige cosmetics.

Bev Osu is the current cover of all their products.

BBA has surely opened a big door of opportunity for her.

Here are few pictures from the photo-shoot of her first campaign for the brand.

13 thoughts on “Beverly Osu Models For Prestige Cosmetics Nigeria (Photos)

  1. Of what use is a beautiful lady with a useless attitude
    Isn’t she the lady that had s*x on BBA, I rebuke u IJN

  2. @oluseye,what’s my business with whatever show she did or the shit she f**ked,she used her vag**a and didn’t borrow mine so why am i suppose to care.I made the comment about the beauty product and what i see.why are you burning up for goodness sake.

  3. Abi o @ red y is @oluseye getting angry,didn’t prestige watch her av sex on t.v before otping to use her as their model.wu cares really, the pics are mad awesome that’s what really matters!!

  4. No family is a saint abeg hold your peace and mind your business Berv d lord is your strength He has opened d door of Success ride on and let your enemies die of envy I wish you all the best

  5. Pls u ppl should lve her alone it is her life. Dat how she want to lve it, so let her be. After all those ppl who call her to models for them saw wat happ in BBA. Yet they called her to models,she is luk. After all those ppl can’t judge her,it is GOD dat will judge her. And not human being,so let Beverly Osu BBBBBeeeeeeee!…

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  7. I baffle at the way people thinks and act oooo, what is it with you people self? what is your problems self? nothing wey person go do una go appreciate, the worst part of the matter is that most you of you are worst-er that her and yet you people claim innocent and holy….FUCK OFF HATERS & GO GET BUSY WITH SOMETHING ELSE..Beverly my dearie, you look so beautiful in this your pix ooo….loving the makeup and wishing you the best.. Remain Bless

  8. Henry and all you beefers, that is your own business, who knows what you do behind close doors and what makes you think you can rebuke anyones action. God is the only one jugde cos we will all be held accountable for all our actions.

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