Bisi Ibidapo Gives Birth Dino Melaye’s Baby Girl (Pictures)

bisi ibidapo baby girl

Nov 30, 2012 – Bisi Ibidapo Obe Gives Birth To Dino Melaye’s Baby Girl (Pictures)

Pregnant Nigerian actress Bisi Ibidapo Obe has successfully gives birth to a bouncing baby girl for randy Honourable Dino Melaye.

The Yoruba actress popularly called Bisi Omo logbalogba gave birth to her beautiful baby girl on Friday morning at a private (Reddington) medical hospital in Ikeja, Lagos State Nigeria around 9am.

bisi ibidapo baby girl pictures

Bisi Ibidapo’s baby girl

dino melaye baby girl bisi

Bisi who travelled to Ghana to cool off the rumour of her pregnancy mess with Honourable Dino Melaye initially plans to give birth in Canada however, we learnt the actress couldn’t travel because of her condition.

Just over 8 weeks ago, Bisi Ibidapo said in her interview that Dino Melaye, a rep. from Kogi State, Nigeria was the one who impregnated her.

Angry Dino Melaye who is already married with three children immediately fired back with an emphatic NO. Dino claimed he wasn’t the only man in Bisi’s life at the time she got pregnant.

We learnt Bisi Ibidapo challenged her ex-lover, Dino with a DNA test to ascertain the father of her baby.

According to Nollywood inside sources, the actress and her baby girl are in good condition.

Wishing Bisi a happy birth.

22 thoughts on “Bisi Ibidapo Gives Birth Dino Melaye’s Baby Girl (Pictures)

  1. She ur life, given birth to predicted father, performing DNA test to ascertain the real father of ur baby! Same on you. Ashawo!!

    • why did u call her ashawo, did ever see a lady wey no be ashawo. We are thives enitile mo ba ni bara o. So pls mind ur speech.

  2. Congratulations!!
    She ur life, given birth to predicted father, performing DNA test to ascertain the real father of ur baby! Same on you. Ashawo!!

      • Otestes is right. She has so many men she is sleeping around with. Men in big places all for fame and money. Why is she not married? because she has not found the man with most money.

        • Ngozi is right pls. if she is sleeping around how comes she has not sleept with you and if dino @ the level of hes exposure had an unprotected sex with her he should not say NO.
          Congrate to you BISI.

      • Olease shut your 18th century brain mouth. ignorant talk is not accepted on this page ok? slave trade days are over. if you wld not call the man names then dont call the woman names. it takes two to tango. beside never call any woman a name you would not want your mother called

  3. Stop fighting Dino Melaiye and go to God for confession of your sins, ask for mercy, accept Jesus Christ into your life as your personal Lord and Savior, make restitution with Dino wife asking her for forgiveness and hand over the whole matter to the Almighty

    As time goes on, everything will normalize and the true father of the child will not have peace

    Turn away from fonicating and adultery truelly and try to get settle down I to marriage with a single man or a widower after your child is weaned.

    God loves you still inspite of all your mess.


  4. congratulations may Almighty God keep d child pls she is ur second pls dont beg d man u ve d money to cater 4 ur child may d Lord help u. & 4 that man calling someone ashawo how are u so sure d man u cal ur father is truly ur father?

  5. ngozi ur right, if d girl is an ashawo, all dis girls here do u wanna tell me is only one man u have been fucking around wit since u were born? fool wey dey call her fellow woman fool\…oteste ur d greatest mumu and selfish human get lost 4eva

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