Bisi Ibidapo Obe Got Pregnant Before Meeting Dino Melaye


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Dec 3, 2012 – Bisi Ibidapo Obe Got Pregnant Before Meeting Dino Melaye

Controversy is presently raging over Bisi Ibidapo’s real baby father.

In an interview she granted to Entertainment express magazine, the actress said she met Dino Melaye in March / early April 2012.

Excerpts from the interview below or you can read it here

“I actually met Dino  through Lola Alao sometime March or early April  and honestly speaking I was in need of help and Lola Alao promised she would introduce me to someone who could help. The person turned out to be Dino.  I actually visited him in Abuja. He was actually forthcoming and helpful. I was not the only one involved then but he took particular interest in me.  We got to know each other and at a point I was scared because he was all over me. Overtime, he showed me he meant well and we became good friends.

The actress who said they met in March / early April has contradicted herself for giving birth 7 months later assuming she became pregnant in April.

For her claim to be genuine, her baby delivery date shouldn’t have been the time she gave birth ( November 30, 2012).

Dino Melaye’s friends and supporters are jubilating over Bisi Ibidapo’s claims in her previous interview and her baby delivery date.

They claim the actress is working over time to force the baby on Dino Melaye.

The Kogi-born house of rep. member has denied Bisi Ibidapo’s baby.

He said he wasn’t the only man in the actress life at the time of their romance.

So let’s wait for the actress to produce the DNA test result to prove the paternity of this innocent baby.

We awaits Bisi Ibidapo’s side of this developing story.

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