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Bristol Physics Teacher Who Slept With Teenage Boy On Plane Exposed By Another Pupil

physics teacher sex student


Bristol Physics Teacher Who Slept With Teenage Boy On Plane While Returning From Trip To Geneva Exposed By Another Pupil

A science teacher identified as Eleanor Wilson is now facing charges of sleeping with a minor after she slept with his 16-year-old student during a school trip in Geneva.

29-year-old Wilson, a resident of Dursley, Gloucestershire later told the boy she was pregnant.

She reportedly informed the 16-year-old pupil he will be a father during a “clandestine” affair they had after the trip in 2015, the prosecution told Bristol Crown Court.

During her trial, Wilson denies sexual activity with a child under 18 while in a position of trust.

The pupil and the school concerned cannot be identified for legal reasons.

An allegation of the affair only came to light after another male pupil at the school became aware of the relationship and threatened to expose Miss Wilson unless she had sex with him, prosecutor Virginia Cornwall told the court.

She said Miss Wilson, known as Ellie, was a “bright and capable” science teacher who was “highly regarded”.

A “bond” developed between her and the boy on the trip, which took place when she was 26, after “an erosion of boundaries”, Mrs Cornwall said.

On the flight home, the pair were seen by another pupil “sitting inappropriately” after they had been drinking, the jury heard.

Mrs Cornwall said the alcohol led to “a lack of inhibition” and the pair went to the plane toilet together where they had sex.

“It was a secret between them,” she said.

After the trip they exchanged telephone numbers and met several times.

She later told the boy she was pregnant by him and decided to have an abortion and kept it from her boyfriend.

Mrs Cornwall said: “There is no doubt there was a pregnancy but she does not accept that she had intercourse with the boy or that he was the father.”

She later informed the school which conducted an investigation and she resigned from her job, the jury heard.

Miss Wilson faces four counts of sexual activity with a child under 18 while in a position of trust.

The case is still in court.



  1. Joyful Amaka

    October 1, 2018 at 11:48 PM

    This happens a lot. Pls don’t blame Wilson most of these kids lure them to

    • DB

      October 2, 2018 at 11:02 AM

      If it wasnt at gun point or drugged, then she wasnt lured or forced or whatever verb we want to use to describe the act of predation on a student. What is the meaning of Teacher?

  2. iron bar

    October 2, 2018 at 2:46 AM

    Teacher took advantage because the kid was intoxicated and who /which airline serves alchohol to minors.nothing person no hear and had guts to tell him he will soon become a dad.felas music echoes in my head.Teacher don teach me nonsense.

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