British Man Kidnapped In Ikeja, Lagos Int’l Airport, Nigeria

british man kidnapped ikeja lagos

July 20, 2013 – British Man Kidnapped In Ikeja, Lagos International Airport, Nigeria

Around 7pm on Thursday, a British man was kidnapped on leaving Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Ikeja Lagos around 7:30pm.

The driver conveying the British expatriate was shot but wasn’t critically injured.

British High Commission said in a statement yesterday that they’re working with Security officials to ensure his release.

They said further details about the kidnap victim will be made available soon.

Top companies that hire expatriates in Nigeria include Shell, Unilever, British Airways; however, the kidnapped man’s employer is still unknown.

5 thoughts on “British Man Kidnapped In Ikeja, Lagos Int’l Airport, Nigeria

  1. That is a shame if Nigeria government does not know the employer of the Britishman. How did he get to Nigerianin the first place?

  2. It is a shame to Nigeria people to discourage expertrates from coming to Nigeria to work. It is very important for the white man to be released immediately. If Nigerians want progress, this kidnapping of white people must stop.

  3. It’a a big shame for kidnapping taking place at the airport fro that matter. The only save place in Nigeria may be Asso rock. In God will trust. Nigeria is getting better says the Government.

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