Panic In Aso Rock As Buhari Chief Of Staff Abba Kyari & 3 Aides Test Positive For Covid 19

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Panic In Aso Rock As Buhari Chief Of Staff Abba Kyari & 3 Aides Test Positive For Covid 19

The State House is under gradual lock down as 3 staff of the Chief of Staff to the President, Abba Kyari has tested positive to coronavirus (COVID-19).

According to a presidential source, all the aides at the Vice President’s wing with the exception of his media aide did not turn up for work.

The source said the Vice President reported late to work on Tuesday afternoon unlike him.

Most of his aides had face masks and hand gloves on when they came to work on Monday. Meanwhile, the villa is on a gradual lockdown as none essential staff have been asked to stay away.

Abba Kyari who is the Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari tested positive for Coronavirus today.

He was said to have possibly contracted the virus during a visit to Germany and Egypt for a meeting on the Nigerian Electricity Regulation Commission, whose executive chairman, Prof. James Momoh, was part of.

The CoS attended many meetings after his return from the trips last week.

Kyari was said to have started coughing during a meeting on Sunday at the Aso Rock Villa, fuelling speculation he could have the virus.

His test result, which came in on Tuesday morning, confirmed him positive.

President Muhammadu Buhari, who had to take the test, however is negative.

10 thoughts on “Panic In Aso Rock As Buhari Chief Of Staff Abba Kyari & 3 Aides Test Positive For Covid 19

  1. Biochemical assassin is about to strangle them, too bad.
    This is what covid 19 is. For the lucky readers of this comment, do yourself a favour, go back to your village

  2. Now they cannot travel overseas for treatment, they will know the implications of embezzling money meant to build state of the art healthcare facilities and good infrastructure for the benefit of every Nigerian citizen. Shame on you all. May corona virus eliminate every one that contributed directly or indirectly towards making Nigeria the shit hole it has become today. If others didn’t build their country and develop infrastructure, would you be traveling overseas for treatment and pleasure? You so called wicked leaders of Nigeria will not die peacefully

  3. Cheeey! Everybody should start using warm local herbs drink 2x daily though not d cure but at least to keep immune system healthy, ALSO RUB LEMON,ALOE VERA FOR HANDS FOR GERMS PREVENTION. MAY GOD PROTECT US ALL AMEN

  4. So far so good we have seen what is happening all over the world. This shows that, God is dealing with the wicked people all over the world. And Nigeria will
    not be speared…

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