“Call Boko Haram Terrorists & Beg Them To Stop Attacking Nigerians”-Ex-Governor Kalu

beg boko haram

June 3rd, 2014 – “Call Boko Haram Terrorists & Beg Them To Stop Attacking Nigerians”-Ex-Governor Kalu Tells FG

The Ex-Governor of Abia state Nigeria, Dr Orji Uzor Kalu over the weekend guests a show on African Independent Television, AIT.

On AIT’s Frontline show this past Saturday, Kalu said Nigeria is faced with Boko Haram civil war. He urged the Federal Government to beg the terrorists because they are humans.

In his own words:

“If we are not careful, Jonathan will be the last president of Nigeria because nobody will take this bombing anywhere, because killing of people everyday means that there’s chaos and nobody wants to be associated with chaos, because it is from this bombing here and there that people will start demanding for independence. It happens but God forbid. We want our country to remain as one and a strong country. Other countries even the European union are expanding their boundaries so why should we allow our country to disintegrate.

It’s not about President Jonathan or who is minister or governor or what have you. It is about the nation. President Jonathan does not own this country; neither are the ministers the owners of the country. The country belongs to all of us collectively so we must come out openly as we are coming out now to solve the problem of the nation: to be able to reach out to Boko Haram formally and informally.

This is what I have always said. It’s not about the government. Business men own this economy. In the US, do you hear people talk about Obama? All the billionaires they don’t know who Obama is. They don’t even reckon with him because the economy is stabilized. People are talking about only three things: the economy, the economy and the economy. So I want people to come together, we are almost getting there, where the basing of the economy is very good, where the private sector will drive the economy not the public sector.

And this is what I see that Iweala is trying to working out. Most of the political, business and military class, farmers know the root of this insurgency. We must come together and say we must stamp out this insurgency and we will stamp it out.”

They are human beings; they have blood flowing in them. They will negotiate. They are talking to a lot of journalists, they are reachable. So the government should go out formally or informally to reach out and negotiate with them. They are human beings. We will sit down and negotiate this issue. This issue is about negotiation. The people who are saying that the government cannot negotiate with Boko Haram are not realistic about the nation. Even after a civil war people will still go to the table to negotiate. So I believe that the government should set up informal channels to negotiate with Boko Haram and stop this insurgency.

Do you agree with him? Should Nigerian FG go and beg Boko Haram after killing over 500,000 Nigerians in the past three years?

5 thoughts on ““Call Boko Haram Terrorists & Beg Them To Stop Attacking Nigerians”-Ex-Governor Kalu

  1. Notihng will happen until you dialogue with their sponsors not the terrorists.
    Boko Haram have remote control and it is their sponsors.
    Talk to their sponsors and grant dem their desires.
    I don’t support begging them

  2. I find Kanu’s opinion suspicious. Y is he the major Easterner advocating that terrorists shud be begged? For how long? Is that how he deals with all his adversaries? U go kneeling and begging some group of people who are bent on forcing evryone to live by their selfish terms? Kanu pls give us a break

  3. this guy is a cry babe, we have military, police , why will we beg some few bad apples to stop doing what they doing, which means they are stronger than our military and police.if corruption have not destroyed naija, this battle could have been easy. EX gov. back off from that comments.

  4. Beg? 4k that! Kalu, zip ya swollen tongue.. Screw u, screw begging, screw bh.. If any of your relative were among 500k Nigerians oR your child bombed in2 pieces like a butchered cow meat, will u utter “b” or “e” not 2 talk of “g” .. Somebody should arrest this man, he’s among them!!!!! #God bless Nigeria

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