“Can You Marry A Girl Like Me” – Cossy Orjiakor Asks Twitter Followers

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Oct 28, 2013 – “Can You Marry A Girl Like Me” – Cossy Orjiakor Asks Twitter Followers

Known for her controversial and reckless lifestyle, Nigerian boobs queen, actress turned singer Cossy Orjiakor took to her Twitter page few hours ago to ask fans a candid question.

In the tweet the singer said with her left booby all over the net, can fans marry a girl like her.

Her Twitter page is full of love messages and admiration from fans especially the male ones telling her how much they adore her despite her controversial lifestyle

Check out her Tweet below:

“Woo… So much love… Hmmm Moment of truth… my left boobs and my favorite pink panties is all over d net. Can u marry a girl like me?”

Over to you, can you take a girl like Cossy home to mama?

16 thoughts on ““Can You Marry A Girl Like Me” – Cossy Orjiakor Asks Twitter Followers

  1. Point of correction, u’re no more a girl u’re a very old woman
    I reject u in Jesus wetin I wan tell my mama?

  2. I am personally tired of seeing ur nonsence book
    I’m sorry to say I can date talkless of marrying u
    U have expired

  3. Nne pls there is no room 4 u in my heart, not even 2 think of liking ur pink colour net pant, bcos ur are not material in time marriage of it u cossy nos it very well….ka chineke mezie okwu!!!

  4. Ask me again,will I marry a girl like you if am a man?YES,YES & YES,why? because the devil you know is better than the Angel you don’t know.Am not yet done oo,once the love is real i don’t give a duck of what or who you were then,The lady you think is saint and so there a wife material do you know what she did before you meant her,Am not in support of ur boobs display,but guys cossy is matured lady who have seen & lived life,if any man can marry her as his wife believe me she is gonna be the best wife because she will not want to lose you for anything and have lived the best and worst of life itself.LOVE is divine and very innocent like a baby and can’t judge that is why I said true love,mind you someone,somewhere will do everything and dream about making Cossy his,if Kim Kardashian,Amber Rose and others can make kanye west their man why not our cossy.so ask me again will i will a girl like you?YES AND YES I WILL.

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