Cancelled Visit To Chibok Borno: President Jonathan Abandons Duties By Bamidele Aturu

jonathan cancelled trip chibok

May 16, 2014 – Cancelled Visit To Chibok Borno: President Jonathan Abandons His Duties By Bamidele Aturu

The cancellation of the presidential visit to Chibok on any ground whatsoever is an abandonment of the unwritten responsibilities of the office of the President. It is now clear that the President and his aides do not understand the scope of his presidential responsibilities and this is very scary. The President, for God’s sake, is first and foremost the Father of the Nation. In that capacity he is the chief mobiliser and galvanizer of the people. The President is expected to give hope to the people even when all seems hopeless; it is the part of the functions of the President to show courage when fear looms everywhere. What manner of father would desert his children and refuse to visit them on account that danger looms in the abode of his children? As one African writer puts it, whenever the lives of others depend on us, one has no right to fear even when one is afraid.

I am saddened, disappointed and embarrassed that the President could not damn the security report and visit the people of Chibok four weeks after the unfortunate abduction of our girls by the Boko Haram sect. The President ought to have visited Chibok by all means and at all costs to do his duty to our nation. By failing to visit Chibok, the President has abandoned his unwritten sacred duty to guide our people and to be a beacon of hope. This may not be an impeachable offence but it is undoubtedly a moral dereliction which must truly disgust everyone who values the exalted office. Just a hug to one of the women whose daughter was abducted would have reassured our people that we have a father who cares. How can the President rely on the security report of the security agencies who weeks after the abduction of our girls do not have any idea about their location? It is amazing and unbelievable that the President could cancel the visit.

But is not the President also the Commander –in- Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? My position is that it would have been better for the President to die in the hands of Boko Haram and become a martyr than remain in the cozy environment of Aso Rock. The problem with this Presidential retreat is that the people of Chibok and other parts of Nigeria can no longer trust that the Nigerian State personified by the President can guarantee their security. Why should the people of Chibok think that they are safe in their own community when the Commander-in -Chief is scared stiff of visiting that small community? Even those who love the President so much and think he can do no wrong ought to criticize him for this unpardonable retreat.

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12 thoughts on “Cancelled Visit To Chibok Borno: President Jonathan Abandons Duties By Bamidele Aturu

  1. Believe it or not.
    Goes to show dt God is d only One dt is dependable,reliable n never changes. Man will promise n fail. Confidence in man like d Bible says is like a broken tooth out of joint. Vain n useless is d help of man.
    People of Chibok, hold on n look 2 God alone 4 ur help comes frm Him n Him alone. Psalm 121 vs 1 We r standing wz u in prayers..Stand still n c d salvation of God come thru 4 u n ur families.

  2. I can’t imagine obama going to a place one month after a disaster
    Jonathan is a very useless presido

  3. Okay now, we have confirmed that big joe is useless. Where is the vice- president? Sebi he speaks kakwa, why can’t he do that for Nigeria. Perhaps henceforth, while we paint joe red and blue; his aimless vice must be verbally chastised, too.

  4. so dis ur mr article writer dis ur plan or scope 2 bring our president 2 chibok so dat he cn b killed,,,dnt worry d God he serves is a strong God,,,he ll neva lead him in2 temptation,,,so u v failed dis time,,try anoda scope n u ll definitely fail,,,i love my president,love nigerian my mother land n i love nigerians,,,lets pray 2 God alone,,GEJ is nt God ,,,n stop paintin him blue black,,cos if u wia 2 b in his shoes u ll do nofin,,,dats my comment

  5. Some plan some where,visiting chibok have no advantage to what is happen or you guys want to kill him too at chibok too?,am very glad the bad plans you guys plan to take him out of seat have be failing and will continue failing,evil men of the every demon

  6. And i quote: “My position is that, it would have been better for the President to DIE in the hands of boko harams and become a martyr than remain in the cozy environment of Aso Rock.
    Baldderdash…! We hv dffrnt types of boko harams dese days… Sm r Internet service provider. Odas r secret detective/ internal informants yll odas parade themslves as WRITERS.
    C dia evil failed plans!
    I will cm bk 2 dis post again!
    C am, e say im b writer c im face, boko haram.

  7. GEJ is a very wise man. Your father born u well. Don’t mind the enemies of your soul. My suggestion to you is try to seek advice from Prophet TB Joshua. God will continually preserve and keep you and your household.

  8. u be goat aboki…u name stand for …the person u are ….u they support hm ..stupid man

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